Wednesday, July 6, 2011

21 Week Update

I'm now 21 weeks pregnant & Reese weighs three-quarters of a pound & is about 10.5 inches long or the length of a carrot. She's much cuter than a carrot though!

How am I feeling? I've been feeling really good this week with plenty of energy. Good thing because work has been utterly nuts this week & I've been moving non-stop other than my 30 minute lunch break when I force myself to sit down & eat. I've worked over ten hours both yesterday & today so unfortunately I haven't made it to the gym yet this week & things aren't looking good for tomorrow or Friday either. Boo!

Any new changes this week? Reese's movements have gotten a lot stronger & I'm feeling tons of kicks rather than just squirms. Mike's been able to feel her too which is always fun. I've been anxiously awaiting my U/S this coming Monday & I cringed when they called me today & told me they needed to reschedule it until Wednesday. Two days may not seem like much but since I've been waiting for weeks, the extra time seems like a lifetime. I was in such a bad mood after I hung up the phone with the office! They also said they wouldn't give me a disk of pictures even if I brought a blank CD since it's a diagnostic U/S. Um, what other kind of U/S does a doctor order?!

Weight gain? After celebrating the fourth all weekend, I'm now up two pounds total.

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  1. Thanks, Cheryl! I loved Sage Salon & I'll definitely be going back!

  2. i agree, i like your new haircut.
    2 lbs!!!! how come only women that gain hardly any weight post their weight gain during pregnancy!!!! i should have started a new trend, i'd be like oh this week i gained 3 lbs, last week 6, etc! i would blow you out of the water, sister! :) i'm trying to set a world record here.

  3. Ha, Lesli! Well then you should just go ahead & put your money where your mouth is & start posting!! I've been eating plenty of Lucky Charms though so I'm sure that number will soon rise!!

  4. Yeah, umm no thanks! I already cringe at every doctor's appointment, no need to share that information with the world! Lucky Charms are nutritious and delicious! I don't think you will put on the pounds from them!