Saturday, September 11, 2010


Do you have a gaggle of ornery pets that live in your house? Do they happen to frustrate the heck out of you from the many stains they leave on your carpet? Well, I know that my answer is a big, fat YES, YES!

I'm not quite sure how it's possible that my massively obese cat vomits as much as he does since one would think that with all that vomiting, he'd be a tad slimmer!

Well, it was high time for us to purchase a compact steam cleaner before I lost my mind. After looking into a few different models, we chose this hands-free machine called the SpotBot & I love it!

You fill the one side with water/cleaning solution, put the machine over the spot & choose between two settings; one cleans for three minutes & the other for six depending on the severity of the stain. It's pretty cool to set the machine down & walk away as it does the work for you. You can also use the detachable nozzle to spot-clean as needed.

And here's the filth within the carpet that we live on; nice... I'm just so proud. And it was only about a month ago that I steam cleaned our entire carpet! I also vacuum with our amazing Dyson about two times a week & our carpet still manages to be disgusting. If it wasn't for the four pets living under this roof, I can't imagine how immaculate our house would be! But I suppose it would also hold less chaos, shenanigans & love!

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  1. fyi , do u use a hairball control cat food? because my cats threw up A TON and we switched meow mix hairball control and i'd say the vomiting is about 50-75 less often now. AMEN! p.s. cats suck! i love them, but they suck!

  2. Wow, looks cool, I may have to try it out some time.


  3. Lesli, thank you for the suggestion, I plan on trying out that food. As I was typing this post, I told Mike that we HAVE to find a new food to hopefully reduce the volume of vomit!

    Kelly, anytime you need to borrow it, it's yours for the taking!

  4. Allison,,
    With our 2 dogs I was looking into this.. so now I have to run out and get it!!!!
    PS- dogs suck too ;)!!! LOL, well maybe just ours...