Friday, September 24, 2010

My Two Year Old

I woke up with excitement in my chest today, ready to celebrate Cam's 2nd birthday! It's unbelievable when I think about just how much my life has changed in the past two years. I now mark my life in two parts; B.C. & A.C., but in this case I mean before Cameron & after Cameron. Being a mom has been the biggest accomplishment of my life.

Of course things are nowhere near as simple as they were B.C. but they are so much more exciting, fulfilling & full of change A.C. It's amazing when you think about just how much a baby changes in their first two years of life. Exactly two years ago today I was still in the labor & delivery room, just having met my little man about three hours earlier. I sort of felt like I was babysitting as I held him; surely it wasn't possible that we could be fully responsible for this other human being, right?

But, after about, oh five months, I finally felt like I was really getting a hang of this whole parenting thing. It was starting to fit like a glove & I began to truly enjoy it, having gotten over the hurdle of sleepless nights & tiring days with a newborn.

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing bond with Cameron; we seem to just get each other. I can look at him a certain way & we'll both just burst into laughter as if we're sharing an inside joke.

Cameron can be very strong-willed & persistent & I just know he did not get those traits from me! Okay, my nose just grew a few inches after typing that. But, he keeps us on our toes as he is a very active toddler. Two minutes into the highchair during dinnertime & we're hearing, up, up, up! Ever since Cam was a newborn, he hasn't been content with just being still or confined. When being held as a two month old, one could never hold him like a baby; you had to hold him upright, against your chest so he could be sure to be involved in the action of his surroundings.

It's so hard for me to believe that Cameron is already two! Each step of the way to getting here has taught us something new & made us fall in love with Cameron that much more. I utterly adore this boy of mine & I can never thank God enough for blessing our lives with his life. I will never take for granted the love I have for this human that occupied my belly for nearly ten months. And just as I whisper to Cam every night before bed, I'll say, Thank you God for our BB, God bless our beautiful baby boy.

Happy birthday, Cameron, you're the absolute best!!

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  1. I think I need to have Brian read this post... ;)

  2. What a hoot, I can't believe Cam is two! Time seriously flies by way too fast, I wish we could slow it down just a little. It looks like our boy had a fabulous birth-day! ;)