Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall is Nearly Here!

Even though Fall doesn't officially start for another week, I was ready to bust out some Fall decor tonight. Granted, it's still an unbearably hot 92 degrees each day, but I was hoping that this would help put me in the Fall spirit. Since moving from the Chicago area five years ago, I miss many things; my family & friends, the comradery of cheering for the sports teams I love & FALL!

Oh how I miss wearing cozy sweaters & my beloved scarves!

And visiting a pumpkin patch, walking through a corn maize & sipping steamy apple cider...

Or feeling the refreshingly cool, crisp air on my face & the smell of burning leaves, or opening windows during the day & enjoying the beautifully fresh air & cuddling under the warm blankets on a chilly night.

And the sight of the changing leaves set against an amazingly blue, clear sky.

But as much as I absolutely adored the Fall while living in Illinois, I also felt a sense of sadness since I knew Winter was lurking right around the corner. So, yes, I loathe the seemingly endless heat of a Florida summer, but I certainly won't be complaining when it's 70 degrees in February!

Happy almost Fall to all!

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  1. I always think of you this time of year cause I know you miss fall. I remember you complaining about the pathetic excuse for a pumpkin patch down there. I was totally in a fall mood today. I made two apple cream pies, bought two mums, six mini pumpkins and a big one and got apple cider too. Ahh...wish you were here to share a piece of pie with me!

  2. You are so festive! I need to get some fall decorations and do this too. I'm excited to wear boots, jackets, and scarfs again! Fall is the best for fashion.

  3. Awe, Lesli, I would have LOVED to have enjoyed a piece of your delicious apple cream pie with you! I miss you lots!!

    Lauren, I made a quick stop at Walmart yesterday for a few items & that was it. It took me a whopping half hour or so to get everything situated. It feels very cozy in here now!

  4. This is a great idea Allison! I think it's time I get my Fall/Halloween decorations down from the attic! I miss Fall too, everyone up north is wearing hoodies, but pretty soon they'll be scraping ice off their cars. Your house is perfect for those Fall colors too.

  5. I like to create my own scents while cuddled under a blanket.

  6. Mike, I think you'll be sleeping on the couch until your mom leaves. Then I'll let you sleep in the guest bedroom. Thank your lucky stars for my graciousness b/c you should be happy that I don't have you sleeping out on the patio!

  7. I didn't realize it, but I bought the exact same wreath as you did! I love our little pumpkin scarecrows!