Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party Time!

Yesterday we celebrated Cam's 2nd birthday with our wonderful family & friends. It's always hectic to throw a party, but so worth it. In order to minimize the day of party stress, we decorated the house the day before while Cam napped.

We went with a Lightning McQueen/Cars theme & used red, yellow & black as our colors.

This was the banner that Cam's grammy made for his Chicago Bears themed first birthday party.

I made a bunch of Tastefully Simple dips the night before & Mike's mom made a fantastically tasty & healthy bean dip. My sis brought her buffalo chicken dip which is phenomenal & we baked it in the grill vs. the oven in hopes of keeping the house as cool as possible. And since I didn't want to be stuck in the kitchen during the festivities, we picked up pulled pork, coleslaw & baked beans from a local BBQ joint.

My sis & mom!

I was very happy with how the balloon bouquets turned out!

Unfortunately my dad & brother had to work & couldn't make the party & Auntie Erika wasn't able to fly down from Chicago either.

Staying cool in the pool! The unfortunate part of having a September birthday is that it's still sweltering hot in Florida... ICK!

So lucky to have such great family & friends in our life!

Cam scored some awesome toys & clothes which is fantastic as I cleaned out his drawers & closet a few weeks ago & things were looking rather bare.

Cam's cake turned out too darn cute!

We also celebrated my sister's birthday which is today; happy birthday, Lauren, we love you!!

I had no idea that Brian was so artistic! I must say, I was very impressed with his work!

Auntie Lo Lo & Leah!

Regardless of the heat, everyone seemed to have a really great time! It was so nice to have everyone together to celebrate the birth of my baby boy!

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  1. Such a FUN party!! You guys did a great job putting everything together. Can't wait until NEXT year!! :-)

  2. Thanks, Lauren! And thank you again for picking the balloons up, that was a huge help!

  3. Cam's party was so fun! I'm so glad me & the girls were there to celebrate!