Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tugging at my heartstrings!

Ever since Cameron was first born, he was always a "passionate eater." Meaning, he would hum and coo each time he ate & you would know he wouldn't want to be doing anything else at that moment. "Humm, Hmmm," he would sing as a drank his milk... Even now at ten months old, when he's ready for sleep or a nap & drinking his bottle, he still does the same thing & it brings me back to when he was a teeny, tiny newborn.

Today as I fed Cam his bottle in his room right before he napped, I brushed my lips along his head & smelled his sweet "Cammy" smell as he "hummed & hmmm'd" along. I noticed his small, chubby, bare feet & suddenly felt a lump forming in my throat as tears pricked at my eyes. As I type this now, I'm feeling the same way. Something about that moment made me realize that I really have to hold on to these moments because before I know it, he will be grown up & not want to snuggle with Mom anymore. I'm treasuring each day I have with my baby while also looking forward to watching him grow & learn. I know he won't be a baby forever, so I'll savor the time that he is.

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