Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aurthur trumps Mom

So we purchased this cute storage frog when we were shopping at Ikea in mid-July & immediately hung it on the back of Cam's door to hold diapers, wipes, & lotions. Well, this past weekend, Cam decided to suddenly become very interested in Aurthur (yes, I named him!) just as he became interested in the balloon that had been attached & floating from a lamp in our living room months after it had been there.

When Cam would wake up in the morning or from one of his naps this past weekend, he would immediately look at Aurthur & I would walk him over there & make up silly stories about the frog life that he leads & demonstrate how he eats bugs, watches over him as he sleeps, etc. I could tell Cam was starting to remember his name because he would look over at Aurthur each time I said his name. Mike was a bit skeptical that Cam actually knew the frog's name as we got him ready for bed Monday night. That is, until I said, "Cam, where's Aurthur?" And he immediately looked over at his frog.

So.... the point of this post is that if Mike says, "Cam, where's Mama?" he just looks around the room as if he's bored & looking for something better to do! First he says, "Da-da" constantly with NO "mama" to be heard yet & now the damn frog gets more recognition than me! What's up with that?!


  1. I have to laugh because Madelyn did the same thing to me when she was a baby. She said 'da-da' first and took a few months for her to give me the proper 'mama recognition'!

  2. Should have named the dang frog Mama.