Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Playing & potty training!

Last week on my day off, Cam played hooky from school & we headed to Legoland to meet my cousins from Chicago.  JoAnne was nice enough to give us extra tickets so it cost us nothing to get in; yay for inexpensive outings!  My mom stayed over & went with us which was a great help because Reese can be pretty clingy & have her two year-old moments!

We'd never been to Legoland before & ended up having a great time.  It's a pretty small park & definitely geared for small children vs. adults, so if you're planning on going, keep that in mind!

Here in Florida, the temps are starting to rise to nasty levels of 90 degrees, so my outside outings will be few & far between from now until September unless a pool is involved.  Gotta love the swampy humidity!

This week we've got kindergarten on the brain since Mike went to an open house at a potential school Cam might be attending this fall.

We're zoned for another school that's totally out of our way & would pull Cam out of the daycare he's been attending since four months old.  We're seriously hoping he'll go to the school closer to our house so he can do wraparound care at his current school/daycare, but the spots are limited so I'm not holding my breath.  We won't know for at least another month, but I'll be keeping my fingers & toes crossed!

This summer I'll focus on getting organized for real school since I'm a little nervous about the transition.  Not only do I want Cam to be ready, but I want to be ready too.  Pre-K is definitely teaching him what he needs to know before starting which is great.  It seems like kids are expected to know a lot more now than when I was a kid!  I've seen the huge amount of homework my nieces have, so that has worried me the most!  Our evenings are such a whirlwind & the kids go to bed so early, but the idea of fitting homework in is a bit daunting.

Kyle being sweet with Reese

Today the focus is on potty training!  Reese will be two & a half in a couple of weeks, but I've yet to see her actually go on the potty.  She's happy to sit there, but that's all she does; sit there.  I've had her in undies today for the past two hours, so very soon she'll either pee in the potty or pee in the princess undies!  We shall see; the suspense is killing me!  ;o)

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  1. that potty training picture cracks me up. she's so cute w/ the mean elsa on the TV.
    glad to be done w/ potty training, but oliver made it super easy on me, thank goodness. everyone always says boys are harder but not in this case.
    good luck! i hate legos, you are a good mom to go, I would be miserable in a place like that. i also hate mickey mouse, and mario & luigi and Cars. I think I am alone in this world.

    1. Lesli, you're so lucky to be done potty training!! Is he even dry through the night? Cam was SUPER easy to potty train for the day but didn't stay dry through the night till he turned four.

      I love all the amusement parks but I'm completely miserable it's is hot or crowded, especially if it's both!

    2. I never know that you comment after me. i need to set these notifications different! Yes, he's dry at night too. I get a little nervous sometimes but he has been fine for the past month or so. It's awesome to be done buying those blasted things!

  2. also in the description of mike you forgot to add 'hairy'.

  3. You also forgot "devastatingly handsome", amirite?