Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We hit the road for Sarasota Friday evening to spend the weekend celebrating Easter with my family.  After a stressful drive & a near wreck, we finally arrived & the fun began!

The kids spent plenty of time outside, cruising around on their bikes.  Luckily my parents live in an extremely quite neighborhood so in an hour of playing, one car might pass by.

Reese is becoming quite the pro on her little trike!  


The kids were so happy to spend two nights with their cousins.  Cam cried for the first ten minutes of our drive home yesterday saying, but I miss Mikayla!  The two of them are seriously two peas in a pod which I love!


We normally color eggs at home, but with the weekday being so rushed, we decided to save it for a fun activity with the cousins.

This is Reese's third Easter, but her very first time coloring eggs since she was so little in previous years.  She had so much fun & only broke one egg!

The kids excitedly bounded out of the bedrooms to find that the Easter bunny had left them some pretty awesome baskets!  Reese slept in but was equally excited, especially when she saw that she got Frozen!

The Easter bunny sticks to a budget when creating the baskets & the kids usually get one "nicer" item that we would end up getting them anyway.

Like with coloring eggs, this was also Reese's first Easter to participate in the egg hunt.  Last year she was about 18 months old, teething & napping after a mega meltdown, so we hunted while she slept.  Things are so much more fun with her these days!!

The Easter bunny left her this adorable outfit from Target & she loved it.





Lauren caught Dempsey sneaking across the golf course during the hunt!

 Reese only collected a handful of eggs, but she was pretty impressed with her findings.

Best of all, this Easter my cousin JoAnne was down with her family & my Aunt Joan from Chicago.  I grew up like a second daughter to my Aunt Joan & a sister to JoAnne, so it's sad that we end up seeing each other only every couple of years.  She now has four kids from 15 months to 13 years old & it was great for all the cousins to catch up!

Reese bonding with Aunt Joan

The kids even braved the freezing cold pool... Reese for about thirty seconds & she was outta there after getting splashed.  What a waste of a swimmy diaper!


After school I had to cut off the Easter candy raid since we had yet to eat dinner.  I caught my Reese looking to eat a Reese's egg!

And in other news, my baby (sniff, sniff, sniff) officially has his first loose tooth!  I have no idea why, but I've always dreaded the kids losing their baby teeth.  A) I'm not good with change, B) I feel like the adult teeth take away the baby faces.   I felt the same way when they were getting their baby teeth as infants.  I literally cried like a baby when he showed me the wiggly tooth as both he & Mike looked at me like I was crazy.  I may have had PMS so I was a bit extra weepy!

I'll miss those sweet little baby teeth when they're gone!  :'o(

Anyway, hope you all had a very happy Easter this year!!

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