Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pantry organization

I've always loathed the wire shelves that most pantries have since things fall through, thin containers tip over..  I tried combating it by putting contact paper straight onto the shelves as you'll see in this post & it worked decently well & actually held up better than I anticipated, but it still wasn't ideal.  I stumbled across an even better solution when I was browsing around the popular blog, I Heart Organizing.  I saw in this post that she placed foam core board covered in contact paper for a solid surface which made such perfect sense.  Sometimes when I see ideas on Pinterest or blogs, I think, how did I not think of that?!

Pantries are one of those things that easily get messy, especially when you have little hands digging around for snacks. 

Anyway, this was what I've been working with & it's not been pretty.  But, all that changed when I asked my dad if he could cut me five sheets of foam core board from his picture framing business & I got to work yesterday morning.

I ordered this pretty Chevron striped contact paper from Amazon & covered the boards with Mike's assistance.

The contact paper comes in two rolls per pack & I ordered two to be safe which was more than enough.

Once I finished the foam boards, the rest of the project was a cinch in terms of taking the food out, wiping down the shelves & putting everything back in.  The shelves attached to the pantry door are super helpful in keeping things organized since they hold so much.  I picked that up on clearance at Target for less than ten dollars!

So much better!

 Before & after shots!

I picked up an inexpensive stool from IKEA that I keep in the pantry so the kids can be more independent.  Cameron: Moooom!  I want fruit snacks!!  Me: Okay, use the stool & get it yourself!  Gosh, I'm so mean, aren't I?!

Since I had the extra paper, I decided to re-line the cabinet under the sink.  It was a pretty productive Saturday!

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  1. Super cute. I saw that post on I heart organizing too, and have been meaning to tackle that project. Thanks for the reminder. Cute contact paper too!

  2. And I'm envious of your door storage. I am using a clear shoe holder. For the money, it is pretty practical. But a real organizer would look so much nicer. I've seen that at the container store but they are crazy expensive. I'll keep an eye out at Target from now on!