Monday, April 14, 2014

420 months old & 29 months old

This weekend was spent celebrating my hubby's birthday with food, friends & fun at our house.

Yesterday was Mike's thirty-fifth birthday, happy birthday, Mike!!  It's hard to believe I've known the guy since we were sixteen years old!!!

Unfortunately, as the celebrations were winding down, this little chicky fell suddenly ill.  When she woke up from her nap with a nearly 103 degree fever, I made the decision to call off work & nurse my girl back to good health today.  She woke up very sad, miserable & feverish this morning, but after the ibuprofen kicked in, she was a new girl, thank goodness!

She loves her pockets!
It's amazing what a teaspoon of medicine can do!  My girl is 29 months old today!!  I haven't done an update on Reese lately, so what has she been up to these days? 

Reese is still a very feisty, strong-willed little girl & she doesn't take anything from anybody!  But she is also incredibly sweet & loving.  When she found out I was feeling sick last week, she came up to me, kissed my arm & said, "I'm so sorry that you're sick, Mommy!"  Her vocabulary is amazing & she speaks in full sentences with no issues.  We have full blown conversations; sometimes I can't understand what she's saying, but eventually I get it.   She wears size 2-4T clothes but the 2T is a bit snug, so at this point, I only buy 4T so we can get more bang for our buck.  She's in size five diapers, has no desire to use the potty whatsoever & I'm just hoping to have her potty trained by 3!  Reese wears size 6-7 shoes & weighs around 32#.  Her favorite foods are waffles with peanut butter & honey, cheese & especially grapes.

Her favorite things in the world are Disney princesses & Minnie Mouse.  As I type this, we're watching her favorite movie, Tangled.  She loves, loves, loves Frozen too & belts out the songs from the movie.  Reese is such a little Mommy & adores taking care of her baby dolls, pushing them around the house in their strollers.  When I vacuum, she pushes her Minnie vacuum around with me.  When I dust, she grabs a baby wipe & cleans along side me too.  She has gotten so much more laid back & I can get the house cleaned & work on other projects when she's home with me... very different from a year ago!  Reese is still an awesome sleeper, takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon & sleeps 12 hours at night, thank goodness!  She's my little girlfriend & I positively love spending time with her.  I am so lucky to be her mommy!

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