Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Halloween wreath on the cheap!

I love putting wreaths on our front door for each holiday, but because they're so darn expensive, I don't have any for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving.  Most run around $50+ a piece & we have 2 front doors, so that just ain't happenin'!  I am by absolutely no means a crafty person since I lack the patience, time & skill, but when I was browsing Pinterest one day, I noticed a simple DIY Halloween wreath & decided to give it a go!  Click here for the site I referred to.  I hit Hobby Lobby & it ended up costing me about $12 total for the orange burlap, 2 straw wreaths, black mesh backing & large rubber spiders from the dollar store.

Lauren came over to make one too, we had a glass of wine & got our craft on!  If you decide to make one yourself, I have a few tips.  #1 Leave the plastic wrapping around the straw wreath or you'll have a major mess on your hands.  I learned that the hard way.  #2 Burlap is very messy so there was orange fuzz all over myself & the carpet.  #3 If you live in a very hot climate like me, don't hot glue the spiders on because they will melt off.  Again, found out the hard way.  I ended up sewing the spiders onto the wreaths.  

But, they ended up coming out great & I love the finished product!  Now that it's officially October, I busted out the rest of our Fall decorations.

Our Fall leaf runner is on our kitchen table,

I picked up this skull runner for only $2.99 at Ross & added it to our kitchen island.

I picked up this hurricane glass from Pottery Barn many, many years ago & change it up depending on the season.

I created scary pictures of each of us on PicMonkey & popped them in to $0.95 4x6 frames from Walmart.  I know, I really splurged on that one!

Last year Grammy made us these pumpkin place mats to represent my little pumpkins, Cameron & Reese.

And I put fake pumpkins & leaves that I bought a couple of years ago up on the fridge.  All of my decorations are extremely inexpensive & I reuse them year-to-year to save money.  Making your house festive for the holidays doesn't have to break the bank!

Hop over to Cam & Reese's blog to see pictures from Cameron's SpongeBob party Sunday.  We all had a great time!

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  1. I love your Halloween/Fall decor! You're so crafty!