Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Down on the farm

We recently heard about a local farm near us called McMicky's Farm so we headed over to check it out on Sunday.

Despite it being nearly mid-October, it's still pretty darn hot here, but the heat has let up a bit.  During the summer you would not catch me on a farm.  A hot Allison = a miserable Allison & that's no fun for anyone!

Our farm visit was a little tricky since we got paired into a group that toured around for an hour & a half.  They asked that everyone stay together which is never easy when you have an almost two year old with you who has a very determined mind of their own!  Besides a few fits & meltdowns, Reese had a really great time & so did Cam!

The kids loved holding & petting the chickens!  Reese is so bossy so she kept yelling, "Mommy, pet it!"  Don't get me wrong, I really love animals but I just didn't care to pet the chicken!  I also heard no less then fifty times, "Mommy, let's go!" as she dragged me where she wanted to be.

Cam's favorite part was riding the horse.

 And Reese took her first ever horse ride on a mini pony too!  I wasn't sure how she'd react to it, but she loved it!

I love getting the kids out of the house during the weekend since when we're home, it's nearly impossible to pull Cam away from his Mario video games.

Reese enjoyed rocking her new Bears dress for the game that they sadly ended up losing!

I also discovered that Reese doesn't exclusively boss humans, but also animals as well.  I overheard her shouting, "No, come here!" and realized she was talking to the baby goat.  That girl is unbelievable.  But, funny enough, the goat listened to her & followed her over to this little bench where they both rested!

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