Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkins in the patch

Since it was Grammy's last weekend in town before heading back to Chicago, we decided to hit one of our favorite local pumpkin patches on Saturday.  We've been going to Sweetfields Farms for the past three years & each year it's gotten better since they've gradually added more things.


The funny thing is, we never buy pumpkins there since we can find them cheaper at Walmart or another local grocery store!

I love this picture of Reese, it is so her!

Come to think of it, so is this!  We decided to try out the corn maze which was a big mistake.  It was nearly 90 degrees outside, took us nearly 40 minutes to get through & this chicky didn't know what she wanted.  One second it was up, the next second it was down!  I was so relieved when we finally found the exit! This girl is too much.. yesterday as I picked her up from daycare, her teacher told me that she had an excellent day, other than spilling her cup of water on the snack table.  She did it on purpose moments before I arrived & went from all smiles after seeing me, to hysterically crying when I questioned why she did that.  Then I re-told the story to Grammy in the car, but Reese quickly sushed me since she was embarrassed.  She's too smart for her own good.


My big five year old hit a milestone this weekend when he finally moved up in our church's children's ministry.  Since we started at Church of the Suncoast, Cameron was always in the Mangroves & started as a four month old.  After becoming members, we began watching the kids periodically, so it was a big deal that he move to the Beach since we've always had him in the room with us.  I definitely shed some tears on Sunday morning.  I am not good with change!  Speaking of change, we're already giving kindergarten a thought even though it feels like Cam just started pre-K.  We're figuring out which school he'll attend & where he'll go for wrap-around care.  Education is so incredibly important & I want him to start on a really positive foot.

This morning I got up bright & early to take Grammy (and her dog, Lucy) to the airport.  We're always sad to see her go, but at least we know she's coming back for another visit in January.  If it wasn't so darn expensive to travel & we had endless vacation time, we would head up more more often than we do!

Reese went gaga over this precious four week old baby goat.  It was positively adorable!!  When a worker finally came to take it away, I had a very ticked off girl on my hands!

I love fall weekends & all of the activities that go with it!

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  1. love her little leg rolls! gosh she looks like your brother in that last pic! I have no idea what the mangroves and the beach mean, but sorry that you were sad about whatever happened!