Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For the birds

We've had some super busy weekends, especially the last one since it was finally, finally cooler outside!  As soon as I saw the forecast, I knew we had to fit Busch Gardens into our schedule Saturday morning.  We're lucky enough to live less than a half hour from Busch Gardens so we keep yearly passes so we can go as often as we like.  During the summer, you will not catch me dead there since it's so darn hot, so we hadn't been back in nearly five months.

There's an awesome area for kids five & older to hang with the kangaroos.  I stayed out with Reese so that Mike & Cam could check it out.  Mike took a video & I could not believe how sweet & tame these wild animals were!  I kind of wish we could take one home as a pet!

We've been taking Reese to Busch Gardens since she was newborn, so it's really cool to see her finally be able to go on some rides & do more.  She was pretty ticked off when she was too short to go on a hippo ride with Cam, but she got over it after she was able to drive the cars.  She went into this rope/jungle gym area & ended up getting stuck in this tube system & I nearly peed in my pants as I watched Mike cram himself in to save her!

One of my favorite spots in Busch Gardens is the Lorikeet cage.  A $5 cup of nectar at first seems expensive, but it's so worth it when the birds land all over you to drink it.

 Cam has fed the birds a few times before, but it was Reese's first time & she absolutely loved it!

This bird kept pecking at Cam's face & it really seemed like it was trying to kiss him.. so sweet!

Somehow we made it through without being pooped on!

Other than enjoying the weather, we've also been getting ready for Halloween which is the start of my favorite time of year!  Cooler weather, my kid's birthdays, Thanksgiving & Christmas.. it doesn't get any better than that.  We also try & head down to my parent's house in Sarasota at least every couple of months, so two weeks ago we spent the weekend there.  It's always relaxing & the kids get to run wild with their cousins as we all catch up.  My little girlfriend Reese grabbed a magazine & sat down next to me to read; she's so sweet!

I love having my sweet little friend by my side everyday!

Reese is finally starting to get hair, so I've been practicing my pony/piggy-tail skills!  I'm not so hot just yet, but I'll get there.  Mike gets the kids ready in the morning, so he's been practicing his skills too which is really cute.

And here's what Cam will be wearing tomorrow for trick or treating!  He had a dress rehearsal with his costume on Saturday night when he went to his classmate's birthday party.  This will be Reese's first time trick or treating so we're really excited for her to wear her ballerina costume.  Our pumpkins are carved & chilling in the fridge in anticipation for tomorrow & I'm making Trisha Yearwood's chicken tortilla soup today so that we're ready to go for dinner tomorrow night.  Nothing like hot soup to warm you on a Halloween when the temperature is supposed to be close to 90 degrees!  Hop over to Cam & Reese's blog to check out their pumpkins.  Have a very safe & fun Halloween, everyone!!!

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