Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My baby boy is FIVE!

Happy 5th birthday, Cameron Michael!!  This is definitely one of the most special days for me & Daddy, it's the day that changed our lives forever!!
The first hug of many

 Ever since you & your sister came along, our birthdays pale in comparison!

We're ready... or are we?!

I'm so happy to be celebrating this day & enjoying the wonderful little boy that you've grown to be.  

You are such a loving, compassionate guy & you have such a sweet heart.  You always worry about other people's feelings, are very quick to show affection by giving hugs & kisses & you're so incredibly sweet to your baby sister.  We are so very proud of you!

So, what is my baby, I mean big boy up to as a five year old?  Well, you love, love, love playing video games, especially your Wii & 3DS.  Your favorite games are Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart & Mario Smash Brothers (you're on a kick with that one right now) & you're in your happy place when Daddy or I come upstairs & play with you.

Helping bake your cake!

You love to watch TV & movies, especially SpongeBob, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (for Reese) & even Max & Ruby.  Your favorite food in the world is pancakes, so that's what I'll be making for your birthday dinner & you also love pizza & cereal.  Unfortunately, you're still a very picky eater, barely touching any vegetables & little fruit.  Oddly enough though, you'll gobble up the broccoli in Panera's broccoli cheddar soup, which you call "white soup."

You're loving pre-K & doing an awesome job, thriving & learning so much this year!  You recently learned how to write your name & hold your pencil properly.  You're the lefty of the family too which makes you unique!

You're the king of stalling at bedtime, love to have us tell stories & throw your stuffed animals at Daddy as he lays on the floor.  Also, you would think we gave you a laxative every evening because low & behold, you always need to get up and go poop after we've put you to bed!  Stinker!  You're not very fond of sleep in general since you're so busy & would rather be playing, so if we put you to bed at 7:30pm or midnight, you're still up at 7am like clockwork!  As much as I'd love for you to stay up a little later on weekends, we just can't because you refuse to sleep in!

You love to play at the park & take walks with Dempsey & hold her leash.  You love our pets & are so gentle & loving & because of that, they adore you too!  Casper has become your sleeping partner & we often put you to bed with him right beside you.

I've learned that your a pretty messy baker since this is what I looked like by the time we put your cake in the oven!

I've also learned that unlike me, you love candy corn & have sticky fingers that constantly steal from my new Fall centerpiece!  I guess I'll have to buy more to keep adding as the season goes on!  

Happy birthday, Cameron!  Like I always tell you, no matter how old you are, you'll always be my baby boy.  I love you so much & look forward to celebrating YOU today & all the days to come!!!
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