Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Recent happenings

We thoroughly enjoyed our three-day, Labor Day weekend!!

Nothing beats the weekend, especially when there's an extra day to enjoy!

My favorite part is the leisurely mornings, drinking coffee & playing with the kids with no agenda.  We rush all week long, so I positively love a relaxing morning.

The kids have been playing in the yard in the evenings, and my sweet boy picked me a flower!  I adore having a fenced in yard, it's one of my many favorite things about our new house.  Sending the kids out to play in their PJs, knowing they're safe is awesome!  Plus, I get some quiet time to myself... win, win!

Reese played with the Fisher Price horse I grew up with.  My grandparents bought it for my brother 35+ years ago & we've passed it along thorough our kids.

Sunday we headed out to dinner which is very rare for our family!  For one, dining out with a one year old isn't exactly relaxing & two, we are on a strict cash budget and dining out is not cheap!  But, we splurged (and each shared entrees) & had a great time.  As we were about fifteen minutes from our house, I looked back & realized Cam had no shoes on!!!  Yes, this is very Cam-like... he walked to the car & didn't even realize it because he was too engrossed in thinking about playing his DS.  So, we made an impromptu stop at Walmart for a pair of $10 shoes!  Luckily he needed a pair anyway, so it was no big deal.

Reese actually allowed me to do something with her hair before church Sunday.  And her bow & pony lasted all of ten minutes before it was ripped out & she was back to her mullet-style hair yet again.  Oh that stubborn girl!

Sadly the wonderful weekend came to an end and it was back to work yesterday.  The whole family has been fighting colds, especially Cameron & I woke up feeling really crummy yesterday.  Somehow I made it through the day & then the evening.  Funny how after having kids, you can be as sick as a dog & still have to run.  But I made it to bedtime, made myself a much needed cup of tea & hit the bedroom to relax.

This morning I'm still feeling a little rough, but at least I'm home (and not relaxing)!  After eating like crap all weekend, I made sure to whip up a healthy smoothie this morning.  My secret ingredient was mint & it made my smoothie so refreshing.  Happy Wednesday all!

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