Monday, November 5, 2012

Eating our way around the world

Saturday morning Mike & I hit the road for a night away while Grammy was sweet enough to stay with the kids.  I've been wanting to go to Epcot's Food & Wine Fest for such a long time & this weekend I got my wish!

Our day at Epcot started a little rough when we saw insanely long lines as we approached the park.  It took us more than a half hour to buy our tickets & more than a half hour to get into the park.  Once we got in, the lines for the food & drinks were long too, but they moved very quickly.

It was our goal to try as much food & drinks as we possibly could.

With all of the drinks flowing, there were some interesting groups roaming around.  By nightfall, Epcot looked like one large bar.  We were glad to be without the kids since it really isn't for little ones.

Since I really haven't had much opportunity to travel outside the country, I have a special love for Epcot.  It's so lame, but I get so excited to travel through each country, look through the gift shops & try the different foods.  And I love how every country has employees from that country representing them.

Here I browsed the makeup counter in a French shop.  France, Italy & Germany were probably my favorite countries.  I'd say Germany was #1, but maybe that's because I'm biased as a German.  We had an awesome brat with sauerkraut & the most delicious pretzel.  Then we bought chocolates to enjoy at the hotel after we left the park.  Yum!

Mike struck a pose in Morocco!

Getting away is bittersweet since we love the one-on-one time, but we also miss the kids lots.  I especially missed them when we had breakfast in downtown Disney Sunday morning.  It brought me back to the trip we took for Cameron's third birthday.  So many awesome memories!

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  1. So glad you two had a fun trip! You deserve a little getaway here and there.