Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 months!

Reese, today is your FIRST birthday!

You were born at 9:39 in the morning on Monday, November 14th.  Your birthday was very calm & happy!  Shortly before you arrived, I watched the Today show as Daddy ate a very large breakfast tray next to me.  That wasn't very nice though since I wasn't able to eat!


It's only been one year but it really feels like you've been part of our family forever.  I always say it, but I just can't imagine what life was like before you & I'm thankful for that!

  So what is my precious little twelve month up to?

Well, you're definitely getting "sooo big!"

You are a very, very spirited, opinionated little firecracker!

Holy moly do you have a lot to say without saying anything at all!


You are an absolute Mama's girl & love, love, love to be held by me.  You would seriously be happy being held 10 out of 12 waking hours.

And you are surely not happy when I have the audacity to put you down.  You throw your head back & cry & cry.  God forbid I have to use the restroom!  You've developed some aggression lately & swipe at people who are trying to take you away from me.  Cameron was sitting on my lap the other day when you crawled over & smacked him in the face telling him, "get away from MY Mommy!"  We're still working on the nice, gentle thing.  But when you're sweet, you are sweet!  Ugh, you melt my heart!

You are such a character & have so many expressions & noises that you make.. you're always keeping us laughing, little girl.

You don't really say any words other than "Mama" or "Dada."  You still point at everything & when you do you say, "Dat" as if you're saying, "what's that?"  You meow when I ask you what a cat says & say, "ah, ah!" when I ask you what a monkey says.

They're transitioning you from the Infant Room to the Beginner Room at daycare, so you're now eating finger foods for lunch over there.  You barely ever eat baby food anymore.

You're in 18 month clothes, size 4 diapers & size 3 shoes.

You're still an awesome eater & sleeper!  You still drink 3, 8oz bottles of breast milk each day but you'll be switching to cow's milk any day now.  Mama is giving up her sidekick, aka the ole' milking pump!

You have three and a half teeth with two on the bottom & nearly two on top.  You're still not walking, but you cruise all around & push things around while walking with them.  You're a very cautious little girl, so I think that's what's holding you back.

Happy first birthday, baby girl!  We love you so much & look forward to discovering all the new tricks that are hiding up your sleeves. 
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