Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One week till ONE!

In one short week, this little girl will be one!

This has probably been the fastest year of my life!  Sometimes at work I have to give nutrition education to breast feedings moms in OB & when I see the brand new babies, it shocks me that Reese was just that tiny.  I also feel like it was just me in that hospital room, meeting my little girl for the very first time.

We'll be celebrating Reese's birthday with family & friends this Sunday & spending the day together as a family on her actual birthday next Wednesday.

I've always had a love of birthdays, but nothing compares to your own child's birthday.  Since having kids, my birthday pales in comparison.  And a first birthday is the most exciting of all, in my opinion.

My little Reesey Cakes just hasn't been herself lately.  I'm continuing to blame it on teething since her top right tooth is just about ready to pop through.  She's been insanely cranky & clingy, tonight especially.  I seriously could not put her down & if I did, she cried as if the world was coming to an end.  Poor gal.

This week for Crockpot Wednesdays, I decided to make Jimmy Fallon's chili. It was really tasty, but with Reese being crabby, I ate it in such a hurry that I didn't chop the tomatoes or cilantro to top it off.  I'll try again tomorrow with leftovers!

Grammy has been keeping Cam home from school this week, so he's been a little wound up in the evenings since nothing wears him out like school.  So this morning, we took him to the park so he could burn off some energy.

We ran & ran, climbed, slid & raced cars in this little game they have built into the playground.  After that it was all about shopping & getting ready for Reese's party.

I'm praying my little gal feels better for her birthday!  It's so sad watching her feel so miserable.

Papa flies in for the party on Friday, so we have a lot of excitement ahead!  Shortly after Reese's birthday we'll be driving to North Caroline to celebrate Thanksgiving in a cabin with my family, so this is a very busy month!!

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  1. Allison, Reese looks SOOO much like Mikayla did at this age! Especially pushing that little walker/ride on toy! We LOVED that thing, Mikayla learned to walk with it! I can't believe that Reese will be 1 next week! We can't wait to see you guys this weekend!