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Christmas & New Years 2010

Wow, I haven't blogged in almost two weeks!! When I finally went to edit pictures, I had nearly 500 on my card! And that is so not like me since I normally do editing each time I take a grouping a pictures. So that just goes to show that things have been rather hectic over the holidays.

But we ended up having a wonderful Christmas/New Years & it was great to have a lot of quality time with family & friends.

Here's Cam with his dinosaur, Steffan! Auntie Lauren was nice enough to give it to him! It just so happens to be an inside joke of ours relating to the movie, Clifford.

Though it was a fantastic Christmas, the new year has proven to be bittersweet thus far. Sadly, I got a call from my mom last night letting me know that my Grandma Lewandowski passed away. I say bittersweet because she lived a full 93 years & passed away peacefully in her sleep. As much as she'll be missed, I cannot be more grateful that she didn't have to be ill or suffer in any way. My grandma played a HUGE role in my life, spending nearly five days a week with us from the time I was a baby, up until I was 18 when my parents moved to Florida. As I stayed behind to go to college in Illinois, I still saw my grandma & grandpa a couple times a month until I moved to Florida after graduate school. I will always fondly remember my grandma & all the time she devoted to her grandchildren. She was so selfless in all she did for us.

So I shouldn't be selfish & dwell on the sadness I feel over the loss of my grandma since I know she's where she would truly want to be, back in the arms of the love of her life, my grandpa.


Mikayla wasn't initially thrilled to perch on Santa's lap as he visited on Christmas Eve, but she soon warmed up as she eyed the presents that he carried!

But Maddy was as pleased as punch from the get-go!

Other happenings include the fact that we finally started implementing the discipline tactics from 1,2,3 Magic. Although the book encourages that you don't start until you've finished reading, we had it with Cam's misbehavior the night before Christmas Eve, felt like we read enough to have a good grasp of things, and have been absolutely delighted with the results so far. Cam has responded so well to it & seems to be a new kid which has made our house a lot more pleasant these days.

Anyway, Christmas morning was absolutely awesome! We woke up, opened presents & enjoyed some Crockpot oatmeal that had been cooking through the night.

And Santa brought me the sunglasses I had my heart set on!

After breakfast, we headed to my brother & sister-in-law's house & had an amazingly relaxing time. We caught up with each other, watched the kids play in the yard as we sipped mimosas & ate a delicious meal.

Beyond all the presents & hoopla that are involved with Christmas & New Years, it's the time spent with family & friends & reflecting on all we have to be thankful for that mean the most. And I have so much to be thankful for.

As I hit publish on this post, I found out that my other grandma was hospitalized today. From what I know so far, she's doing a lot better now & will hopefully be discharged in a few days. Please pray that my grandma has a speedy recovery!!!

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