Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Bliss!

Since moving into our house years ago, I spend a lot of my downtime sitting on the patio, reading & enjoying the fresh air & sounds of nature. The only problem? We've never had a patio set, so we've been using hand-me-down chairs from my parent's old set or camping chairs. I not-so-fondly referred to our patio as the ghetto.

As I was outside, trying to wind-down, I found my self getting wound-up as I looked at the ugly scene around me. With Cameron's first birthday party coming up in a few weeks, it proved to be the perfect opportunity to bite the bullet & invest in a patio set. Hip-hip-horray! I eagerly left work last Friday & spent a tedious few hours power washing the patio in preparation for Mike putting the patio set together. Last Saturday, after taking a trip to the local nursery, we replaced the hibiscus that died in the cold with a plumeria in hopes of it blooming a beautiful flower that we hear smells delightful. And viola, we went from ghetto to gorgeous!

Here's the finished product! Perfect for me to sip wine while catching up on some magazines.

Our Plumeria. I'll name her Mary.