Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big Day!

It seems as if Cam has been saying "Da Da" for ages now, with no signs of even being close to uttering, "Mama." We keep working on him by saying, "mmmm" and then "mama" to get used to the sound of the "M." This past weekend, he may have said it, but we weren't 100% certain. Until tonight, that is!

As we finished dinner, we were cleaning the kitchen as Cam crawled around the floor & played with his toys. As he was sitting, he clearly said, "mama, mama, mama"! Mike and I froze and just looked at each other with our eyes the size of saucers & our mouths just about hitting the floor.

Our hearts were absolutely bursting with love as we heard him say that for the first time! I'll always remember this day; it's the first day of the month Cam was born. It only took 11 months & 8 days to feel the satisfaction of my baby boy saying Mama!


  1. Aw! I bet your heart just melted!

  2. that's awesome! It won't be too long before he'll be saying it so much and you'll wish your name wasn't mama. Well, maybe you still have a few years. =)

    Kelly Belly

  3. That picture looks like he's finishing the word Mama with that "AHHH". Cute kid, glad to call him mine.