Friday, June 5, 2009

Stop calling my name!!

I like to think that I have a decent amount of willpower in resisting foods that I know I shouldn't be consuming. BUT, there is one item that should NEVER be in my refrigerator & that would be cookie dough that is stored in a tub. We recently finished baking chocolate chip cookies in a tub for my birthday party, but I probably ate a quarter of the tub first! Once it was finished off, I thought I was in the clear. Well, I thought wrong! My wonderful husband decided to buy peanut butter cookie dough from a girl selling it door-to-door! Nooooo! I told myself, "stay cool, Allison, you're a strong person. You can fight through this!"

Wrong again. There I would sit on the couch, reading or surfing the internet, when BAM, I would remember the cookie dough in the fridge. And so my mental battle would begin! "Seriously, you do not need to be eating cookie dough." "You want to lose a few pounds and that will not help." "You'll only feel bad about yourself & regret it afterward." And what would I do? I would flick the little angel that was perched on my right shoulder straight to the floor & walk to the fridge with the devil on my left shoulder celebrating his victory! So, Mike, if you're reading this, NEVER AGAIN BUY COOKIE DOUGH! Unless you're cool with having a 200 pound wife, that is.

My question is? Do any of you have a particular food that you know you should never purchase because you can't resist?

Innocent looking, huh? Don't be fooled!

And so I lose the mental battle again!


  1. Ice Cream! I never have it in the house because if I do... I'll eat it, and want it every night. BAD habit!

  2. I love having cookie dough to make delicious cookies in the oven! I'm not a huge raw cookie dough fan...I'll eat it but I'd MUCH rather have the end product.

    As for foods I can't have around...umm...really anything crunchy/salty that isn't pretzels. I'll eat any chip product you put in front of me. Oh and cheese fries. I'll thank Kelly for reminding me of that one.

  3. i have a problem with doughnuts. specifically doughnut holes. or is it donut holes. anywho...i never realized your willpower was weak when it came to cookie dough. wow, you are human, allison!!

  4. Don't be fooled Lesli...don't be fooled.