Friday, June 19, 2009

Life on the couch!

As I walked the halls at work on Tuesday, my throat began to feel a little scratchy. By Wednesday, I felt like I was in a fog & BAM! by Thursday, I felt like I was living underwater. I could barely hear anything & the pressure in my head made it feel as if I had far too much to drink the night before. It was the worse hangover I have experienced with no alcohol involved! It was difficult to get through work yesterday, so I left early & told my boss there was no way I would be able to come in today. I flopped onto the couch as soon as I got home & didn't move until I went to bed, only to sleep for 12 hours.

No one wants to be sick, but it seems to be especially difficult for me since I cannot stand to slow down & let things go. If the house isn't in perfect order, neither is my brain! However, yesterday was so bad that I could have cared less if the walls were falling down around me. Thankfully I'm feeling a bit better today. Not great, but tolerable. I have planted myself, once again, on the couch where I am surrounded by pillows, my book, the remote, laptop, pets, tissues, vapo rub, & my blanket. Pretty soon, I'm bound to develop a pressure ulcer!

I'm just hoping that I do NOT pass this sickness to Mike or Cam! Granted, I'm quite positive I got it from Cam & his sick hole of a day care, but I do not want to pass it back to him. Let the cycle stop here!!!!

My nose is going to fall off soon!

Book? Check! Tea? Check! Blanket? Check! Cat? Uh, check?


  1. I'm so sorry you're sick Allison! I had a horrible cold last month, it sucked! I hope you're feeling better for Father's Day on Sunday, at least you have the weekend to rest and recuperate! XoXo

  2. sorry allykat, feel better!