Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Please, please, please, just take my money!

I started my lunch break today by deciding it was time to order my bridesmaid's dress for my sister's wedding this October. I figured that it would take all of five minutes to do, leaving me with 40 minutes to spend of the rest of my break doing something that didn't frustrate the crap out of me. Wrong. I should never assume good service.

My sister purchased her wedding dress from David's Bridal & has chosen the bridesmaids to also order dresses from there. One would assume that the sales girl would type in my sister's name & would have all the necessary info in front of her eyes, needing only my size & credit card number. Nope. First I get put on hold for ten minutes & proceed to hang up and call back 5 more times only to hear an automated message say, "no one is here to take your call, please try back later." Uh, hello?! How many customers could possibly be in a bridal shop on a Tuesday at 2pm?

FINALLY I get through only to be told that, "like, I'm so sorry, but there were like so many customers in line & I'm like the only one at the register!" I give her my sister's name, she tells me she has no record of her in their system. Big surprise. After spelling the last name 3 more times, poof, there it is. "No, we have no information here regarding which bridesmaid's dresses were chosen." Later I come to find that 3 previous bridesmaids called, had the same issues & asked them to please save the dress info for future use. So, I double check the details of the dress with my sister who is on vacation in Asheville, NC & call David's Bridal back, only to be told that there are no available computers & she needs to call me back.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, I spent my ENTIRE lunch break trying to get a dress ordered. Something that literally should not have taken more than two minutes total.

My point being, you would think in tough economic times, there would be a greater emphasis on customer service, but in many cases, I haven't seen that. My question to you is, have you noticed that places are or are not putting added effort into satisfying you as a customer?


  1. Great! I need to order my dress, now I am not looking forward to it! Idiots! David's Bridal definitely has a lot to learn about customer service!

  2. I've had horrible experience with them in the past too. But, oh well, what are you gonna do? What does your dress look like?

  3. It seems EVERY company talks about their great customer service, but almost nobody backs it up. It's not the easiest thing to do, especially for some ditzy girl getting paid $8/hr to ring up customers, answer the phones, get people fitted, etc, etc.

    I will say this, I enjoy T-Mobile's customer service. Sometimes they a while but ultimately my question/concern is taken care of in one phone call.

  4. i think the customer service at perno's brewery blows chunks! the owner is always wasted.

  5. lol..Leslie cracked me up!

    The work ethic in Florida sucks! No one is going to life a finger for you down here.

    Kelly O