Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas of 2015 & a Happy 2016!

We had a very nice Christmas this year (or should I say last year since it's officially 2016?!)  It was a busy but fun time spent with family over some yummy food.  Christmas Eve was very laid back; both Mike & I had the day off work which was wonderful.  My parents, sister & nieces came up early so we hung out, sipped mimosas, listened to Christmas music & watched a few Christmas movies until Mike & Mel were able to get here.


It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without the cousins annual photo in front of the tree.  We started the tradition when we celebrated our first Christmas in our new house in 2012.

It's fun to see just how much the kids have grown over the four years we've been in this house.  That's what Christmas is all about; being with people you love & creating new memories!

I love having extra days off at work to spend with my family during the holidays.  I cherish it before it's time to start the new year & get right back into the hectic schedule.

The kids were super excited to get into their gifts as any child is Christmas morning!  I'm someone who has to open presents on by one vs. everyone just tearing in to things.  I love to savor the morning & try not to rush through it since it's over so quickly anyway.  I also love to see the kids reaction to what they get.

As you can see on Cam's face above, he certainly wasn't trilled to be getting kisses from his baby sister!

After opening presents on Christmas, we headed to my parents house.  Since Christmas fell on a Friday, we all had the next day off so we were all able to spend the night to extend the holiday & family time.  Now it's a fresh new year & I'm ready for it!  I never start the year with resolutions, I just take time to think about how to do things better.  Be a better mom, wife, dietitian, organized, sane person.  I kicked off my first Wednesday off of the new year today by scouring & organizing our laundry room.  Fresh new year, fresh house!  Happy 2016!

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