Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Randoms - Take 2

I'm still catching up on some things we've been up to lately!  Unfortunately over the past week, I have definitely not been feeling myself.  A bug has been going around our house & I have been completely zapped of any & all energy.  All you moms out there know what happens when you're under the weather... the house falls into disarray!  Despite feeling yucky this morning & being up for hours last night, I'm going to plug away in hopes to get ready for a camping trip we have planned with friends this weekend.  I'm hoping & praying I can get some rest & feel better before Friday afternoon because camping while sick is no gouda!  Sometimes I think camping in general is no good... I mean, I have a perfectly warm & comfortable house, why in the heck would I voluntarily choose to sleep outside with the bugs in the 40 degree weather?!?!  The things you do for your kids!

 Before the baseball season picked back up last weekend, we took advantage of our last free weekend & did some local, touristy stuff which I love.  When you live near the Gulf beaches of Florida, there are plenty of interesting things to do!

We hit the St. Pete Saturday Morning Market which is an awesome arena of local shops & restaurants with plenty of yummy foods.  The bonus is that the area is positively gorgeous & it's right on the water.

The kids' favorite part was climbing the amazing trees that scatter throughout St Pete.  My not so favorite part was stepping into a huge pile of dog poop that an inconsiderate pet owner left behind!  I dragged my shoe through the grass in attempts to rid myself of the mess as the kids ran away from me because of the awful stench!  Good times!

There was a car show going on & I fell in love with this turquoise VW Bus... what a dream it would be to drive this thing!

In other happenings, I dusted off my inline skates & hit the trail that I often walk on near Reese's daycare.  Lets just say that my outing was not a success.  These bad boys were in my garage, baking in the heat for the past ten years & apparently that took a toll on the wheels.  After feeling like I was skating up Mt Everest, I accepted defeat & did the walk of shame back to my car, in my socks!  Ya win some, you lose some!

The weather has been gloriously chilly so we've spent a lot of time walking & playing outside.

We also opened a level II NICU at my hospital which has been both exciting & challenging.  I'm an acute care, clinical dietitian who has only worked with the adult/elderly population so this is a whole new ballgame!  Of course, the NICU opened in our busiest season at the hospital.  Lets just say, I've been working long hours at a go-go pace!

We've been playing with the many, many games the kids got for Christmas this year.

They asked me if I wanted to play the pie in the face game... "No thanks, I'm good!"

A few weeks ago, we wrapped up the holiday season with our annual kid's gift exchange at Auntie Lo Lo's house.

Lauren's so crafty & creative so she had the kids make an ice cream cone/cupcake Christmas tree which was super cute.

And last but not least, I have been love, love, loving the aviators Mike got me for Christmas!!!  I could totally hang with Tom Cruise on Top Gun now!!

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