Sunday, January 17, 2016

Randoms - Take 1

I love weekends where we have absolutely nothing planned; this weekend happened to be one.  It always seems that we have the most fun when things happen organically & there are no expectations set.  I woke up this Sunday morning to a cool, gloomy day which is perfect for sipping coffee, opening the sliders to feel the cool breeze & lighting a ton of candles.  Since I had some time today, I went through all the pictures on my phone & realized just how much we've done since a bit before Christmas!


I love living in Florida, but I have to say summer is absolutely miserable; it's like living under a stifling, wet blanket for 5 months.  We had a mostly hot December, so I'm thrilled that the weather is now cool & we can actually go outside without sweating profusely.  Winters in Florida are the best!

Before Christmas we had a teaser of a cold day so we made sure to spend plenty of time outside.

We hit Largo Central park & the kids had a blast on their awesome playground. 

Then we went to the Florida Botanical Gardens which is so darn pretty.

Although this random face on a tree was just a little creepy.

Years ago, before we had kids, Mike & I visited the botanical gardens & sat in these Adirondack chairs & I made him promise me that someday we'd have a pair in our yard.  They're wooden, sit deep & comfy & even have a foot rest which is a must.  It's been about ten years since then & I don't yet have them in my yard!!

We randomly saw a sign for a place called Heritage Village while we were visiting the gardens, so we checked it out.  It turned out to be pretty cool!  I always love looking at really old buildings & houses.

We were in a really old church & while Cam stood at the front, Mike belted out, Feliz Navidad as if he were singing to a congregation, although the church was totally empty.

After dinner we were right down the street from the condo my parent's used to own for nearly twenty years.  They bought it when I was about fifteen so there are plenty of memories at this beach.  I'm so sad they sold it four years ago!!

It was freezing but the kids wanted to splash their feet in the waves so we let them.

Before we knew it, they were completely soaked but having an absolute ball!

Luckily there's a hot tub at the pool area of the condo, so they got nice & toasty while soaking.  As we sat at the pool area watching them play, Mike made a comment that he wished we were staying the night on the beach.  Then he remembered an app called Hotel Tonight & we found a hotel on the beach for $60.  We called our neighbor who agreed to take our dogs out, ran to CVS for a few essential items & headed to the hotel without telling the kids.  They were so excited when we pulled up & told them we were staying.  Looking back, they say that their favorite thing about it was watching TV in the same room!

I woke up bright & early, before everyone else & walked the beach for nearly two hours.  It was absolute bliss!!  I tend to be an anxious person & being on the water is so calming for me... I dream to live on the beach!

The next morning we headed home but made a pit stop for some bagels & doughnuts.  It was such a great weekend!


Side photo I thought I'd share... Before Christmas, I heard the kids playing by our secondary tree so I asked them to leave the presents alone.  In unison, they both said, "Okay!"  Five minutes later I check on them, only to find this!  They listen so well!

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