Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As of Monday night, we're officially done with Christmas shopping & wrapping!  What a relief.

I do 95% of my shopping online since I loath crowds & shopping in general.  But, each year around Christmas, Mike & I take a day off to get the last minute, random items I'm not able to get online.  After we finished Monday, we celebrated over a couple of delish margaritas.  It's a fun way to be productive & to actually get some time together alone while the kids are at school.  I look forward to it each year.

I picked up some pre-made gingerbread houses at Walmart for the kids to work on while we watched the Bears game Sunday.  I must be honest, they did a pretty pitiful job, randomly sticking a few gummies on each house, here & there. 

Since I like to display them on our fridge, I put a little elbow grease into them & finished them myself.

I keep this little tree in our living room as a way to separate our gifts from my immediate family's gifts.  We host Christmas Eve each year & exchange gifts between the grand kids, nieces, aunts, uncles & Grandma & Grandpa.  My own family of four wait until Christmas morning to do gifts & a couple of years ago, I kept our gifts under the main tree & they were a huge mishmosh mix up when my family arrived Christmas Eve.  This little tree keeps them nicely divided.

I decorated this plant with festive ball lights & ornaments & every time I pass it on my way to our bedroom, it makes me happy.

Our family room makes me the happiest though; it's so full of lights!  At night when the kids go to bed & the house is quiet, I love just sitting & enjoying it.  I'm going to miss all these lights when Christmas is over!  Hard to believe that Christmas Eve is a little more than one short week away.

I assembled teachers gifts on my day off today.  I made a German chocolate cookie recipe from the Food Network & my super easy, standard pretzel turtle.  Nothing like a dessert that takes under 10 minutes from start to finish (other than unwrapping each Rollo).  Click here for the cookie recipe & here for the turtle recipe.

This fat little ba**ard of a cat thinks his lounging area is our kitchen table.  I may call him names, but I do love him so!  Random story, but in the thirteen years of owning pets, we were struck with fleas.  When I first saw the dogs scratching, I joked about it while my sister was over, thinking it was nothing.  Lauren said that if it was fleas, it would be awful since she dealt with them, but I totally blew her off, thinking she was exaggerating.  Wrong.  It was AWFUL.  Luckily I vacuum & do laundry constantly, so they never got to be a problem around the house, just on the pets.  Casper (the cat above) licked himself so much that he ended up having a raw backside & losing a ton of weight.  No topical flea treatments helped, but luckily the vet prescribed each pet a pill that killed every flea within four hours.  GOOD RIDDANCE!!! 

Anyway!  We have one more weekend before Christmas & the big day will be here!  The weather will finally, finally be cooler this weekend; it's been hot, humid & quite yucky here in Florida.  I hope to fill the weekend with outdoor activities during the day & Christmas light exploring at night.  My number one favorite day in the whole year is December 24th.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

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