Monday, July 6, 2015

A happy birthday to America & a happier plant shelf!

This past weekend was glorious & we enjoyed an extra day off on the third.  Nothing better than a lazy morning, home with the family to relax & sip some coffee!  We headed to Sarasota in the late afternoon to spend the fourth with my family.

There was a whole lot of swimming going on!

I love how Cameron's eyes are on the camera the entire way into the pool, so cute!

I would definitely not consider myself a fireworks kinda gal.  Yes, if they're bursting into the sky, I love them but I'm not going to brave massive crowds to watch them & I get nervous and antsy when my family & friends are blowing them off.  But, of course my screw ball of a brother talked me into going in on some & shooting them off in my parent's back yard.  All went well & thankfully no one was injured!

In other news, Mike & I celebrated our 19th year together on June 27th.

The picture above was taken in my bedroom, I'm guessing junior year of high school.  We were playing a game called Slumber Party, I used to love that game!  Did you ever play it?  This picture pretty much sums up our relationship, Mike is always cracking me up!

I've been working on reconfiguring the plant shelf in our kitchen since it just kind of got thrown together with hand-me-downs from my mom when we moved in.   Since we're always on a budget, I'm constantly on the lookout for inexpensive finds. 

In the picture above, the yellow & turquoise jars to the far right were together under about $20 from Marshall's.  The turquoise jar was too short so I have it resting atop a box from Amazon.

This "You are my Sunshine" sign was bought for about $8 from Marshall's with Cameron in mind.  I sang that song to him about a dozen times a night when he was a baby.  Fast forward to now & my little guy always plays it when he wants to warm my heart.  Which is about four times a week!

I spotted this "Home Sweet Home" sign from Pier One several months ago, but was too cheap to drop the $30.  After seeing it again the other day & passing it by, I bit the bullet & picked it up after work today.  Mike's yet to notice it, so we'll see if he approves.  It was a bit on the short side & got lost, so I got creative & propped it on two beer mugs.  Ya gotta do what you gotta do!

Speaking of Pier One, I got this owl dish brush holder from there about a year ago.  At about $24 it was definitely pricey but I love it & it always makes me happy!

Since we're not in the market to make any big budget renovations, it's the little things that make my heart happy!

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  1. I need to get to Pier 1. I have been wanting that Home Sweet Home sign forever. I pinned it from Etsy but it is $50, and that was just way too much for me. But $30 is much more reasonable. I love that sign. Looks like a great 4th. The kids are getting so big and are so darn cute. And I know what you mean--so many decorating ideas, so little money. :-) Your place looks great though; good job!