Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Recent happenings

This past Friday Mike & I headed on a rare date night while our generous friends, Josh & Jill watched the kids overnight.

We were pretty excited to have some uninterrupted dinner conversation that didn't include, "take another bite," "how many more bites do I have to have?!"

The weekend continued to be low-key on Saturday as we ran some errands & browsed around Target.  Unfortunately, shortly after this picture above was taken, things quickly went south.  We headed home to make dinner & grill some corn on the cob.  Just as I looked up from reading my magazine on the patio, I noticed Reese was extremely close to the grill.  Two seconds earlier she had been happily playing on her swing set, so I'm not sure what drew her to the grill, but there she was.  As I jumped out of my seat to tell her that it was hot, she started to scream in pain.  I rushed her into the house & we ran her hands under cool water & tried to assess the situation & determine if she had to go to the hospital.  Burns are the worst, but thankfully it appeared to be a first degree burn.  The poor little girl was in so much pain, it was brutal to watch.  When she was soaking her hands in a bowl of cool water she was fine, but as soon as she'd take her hands out of the water, she'd scream in pain.  This lasted for hours, so as bedtime came & went, Mike told her she would have to take her hands out of the water & it would hurt for a few minutes, but it had to be done.

She cried & begged to keep her hands in the water & the next fifteen or so minutes were terrible.  Finally, the pain started to subside & she eventually fell asleep in bed with us.  Thank God she slept through the night & when she woke up Sunday her pain was pretty much gone.  I can tell you that she will never go near that grill again, painful lessen learned.

Otherwise, we're having a typical low-key Wednesday at home & I'll be surprised if we even get out of our pajamas.  I threw some boneless pork chops into the Crock Pot & poured a jar of butter chicken simmer sauce over them to cook on low.  I'll put brown rice in the rice cooker later & serve it along with some steam in the bag broccoli for a very lazy dinner.

I've been taking advantage of a less hectic schedule & getting the kids' rooms organized before the school year picks back up next month.  Their clothes are officially cycled to updated sizes & smaller sizes have been distributed as hand-me-downs to friends.

We moved into our house just before Cam had turned four (he'll be seven in September), so the artwork in his room is a bit juvenile.  He's not picky though so it's not a high priority on our to-do list!

He was happy enough with the SpongeBob decals we added; boys are so easy!

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  1. goodness your kiddos have been accident prone the last few months! glad she's ok! I remember as a kid burning my hand on a kerosene heater and the peeling of the skin for the next few weeks. it was oddly enjoyable. I bet cam's bed is a hit w/ the slide, geesh, what a fun bed! that dinner looks delightful. i love brown rice. we're in our pajamas too but no thoughts of dinner yet. you're good

    1. Lesli, Cam got that bed from a neighbor just before we moved, so it was the best type, FREE! Also, since I HATE grocery shopping I try to only do it 2 times per week max, so I plan dinner for the week most of the time. Not because I'm awesome, just because I'm too lazy to go to the store!

  2. Oh no, poor Reese! Hope she is feeling better. Your quick weeknight meal ranks as gourmet around this house. If I serve anything for dinner, Mike is happy. Seriously, we had apples and PB with a french baguette and olive oil/parmesean on Monday, and he was super impressed. The key is to keep expectations VERY low. :-)

  3. Thank you for keeping up on our happenings, it's always fun to look back at this stuff years from now.

    1. You do read my blog!!! It's a Christmas miracle, thank you!