Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lots to celebrate!

May is a very busy month for my family; there are three birthdays, three anniversarys & Mother's Day.  Mike & I celebrated our 13th anniversary & my 36th birthday on May 24th.


My sister was nice enough to come up & watch the kids so we could head over to Orlando for a relaxing pool day & a night out at Downtown Disney.  It's so blissful having uninterrupted conversation!

Downtown Disney

I truly am married to my best & most loyal friend in the world.  I am blessed.

The weekend before our anniversary, I had a girl's night out to celebrate my BFF Lauren & her very quickly approaching wedding.

Me, Lauren & Kelly

If you look closely at the picture above, you'll see that I'm not actually wearing heels in this picture, but standing on my tip-toes instead.  Lauren insisted that I shorten our 8" height difference with her in heels & myself in flats!  A short gal with stubby legs like me could really benefit from some extra length, but I'm a complete moron in heels & they hurt like hell.  I choose comfort over beauty!

We felt like the Real Housewives of wherever when the limo picked us up to head for dinner & drinks... we were so fancy!

The night was an absolute blast & it was so fun celebrating such a happy event!  In five short days Lauren & Marc will be married!!!

Earlier this week my friend came over to cut/color my hair & she was sweet enough to cut the kids' hair while my color processed.  It just so happened that it was Reese's very first haircut!  I had no intention of cutting her hair, but it's gotten a little uneven in length so Talia kept the length but just evened it out.

 My little bud also got spiffed up so that he looks handsome & dapper for his Auntie LoLo's wedding. 

We celebrated the end of the school year with a picnic at Cam's school on Monday.  At the last minute I decided to swing by Reese's school to bring her along & I'm so happy I did.  I ended up needing to get to work at 5am in order to make the picnic... being a working mom is not always an easy thing!

TODAY is Cameron's last day of kindergarten!  Boy did this school year go by in a hurry.  I cannot say that I'm too sad about the year being over since it'll calm the evenings a lot, but it's just another indicator that time is going by too quickly.

Cameron on his FIRST day of kindergarten

 We're ready to relax (ha, yeah right!) this summer & have some fun.

We had our sweet little nieces & my parents up last weekend since my brother & sis-in-law were away for a beach weekend. Shortly after this picture was taken, Mikayla slipped into the lake from the boat ramp & got soaked.  Shortly after that, she came down with a stomach bug & threw up all over Cameron's bed... see, we're already having fun this summer!  ;o)  BUT, the good news is that the Blackhawks are headed to the Stanley Cup finals against the Lightning!!! 

Woo hoo!!  People ask me which team I'm rooting for since I've lived in Tampa for the last ten years, but my loyalty lies with SWEET HOME CHICAGO!

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