Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A mother & her quirks

I had a very nice Mother's Day this past weekend.  I started the weekend with enjoying some rare one-on-one time with Cameron in his classroom for Muffins with Mom on Friday afternoon.  I'm so accustomed to my time with Reese, but individual time with Cam has been very sparse these days so I treasure any opportunity with my guy.

 I love to see where Cameron spends his days, meet the kids he calls his friends & get to know his teacher better.  Granted, it's less than a month away till the end of the school year, but I hold teachers very near to my heart.

Friday evening we headed down to Sarasota to spend to the weekend with my family & also celebrate my niece Madelyn's 12th birthday (on the 7th) as well as my mom's (the 15th).  My birthday is coming up too (the 24th) so they threw my name in there too when singing over ice cream sundaes & presents for Maddy.

After the weekend, I also recognized that I have many quirks (which many people do) & started to think about all the things that make me strange odd me!

Nothing like a cash present in a wine box from Auntie Lauren
I thought about my quirks after I opened Mike's present to me for Mother's Day.  His present just so happened to be a gift certificate for a massage.  I've never had a massage & unfortunately my reaction to the present was to either a) have a panic attack or b) start crying.  Who does that?!  All I could think about was getting naked & having a stranger touch me.  It just feels way too intimate to me.  I kind of lump it in the same ballpark as having a skin check with the dermatologist or a doctor's exam in general.  My brother was amazed by my reaction & kept saying, "Gosh, you are so weird.  You're messed up."  Brothers are so supportive, eh?

This got me thinking about the other things I'm hung up about...

1) My sheer terror of bugs.  We're not talking a swat, a gasp or even a shriek.  We're talking pure, freak-out, lose your sh!t type of behavior.  I completely lose control.  Remember the time I flipped our canoe because a horsefly attacked me?

2) I loathe slow, stupid drivers.  How can these people have so much free time that they're driving ten miles per hour under the speed limit at 5:30am?!?!?!?!  Don't they have some place to be???!!!  Although this bugs the crap out of me anytime of day, not just before sunrise.

3) I both love & hate technology.  Mostly it's a loving relationship.  I'm a Pinterest addict & love keeping all of my recipes & ideas in one handy space.  I couldn't live without my GPS, my Cozi family calendar, the Kindle Paperwhite that puts me to sleep every single night, texting or email.  But, the old fashioned part of me believes that a lot of things were probably easier for my parents as they raised me thirty years ago.  There was so much less distraction, pressure & comparison.  For some, the smart phone has become superglued to the eyeballs (not mentioning any names... Mike, my husband).  And as much as I adore Pinterest, it probably causes some anxiety & unrealistic standards.  Why shouldn't my house look like it stepped out of Better Homes & Gardens??

The sea monster!  Can you see the attitude in that look?
4) I hate talking on the phone.  I run from work to the gym to getting the kids & all the things that follow, so the idea of having an extensive conversation on the phone sends me into a tizzy.  Not to mention that my kids don't exactly give me peace & quiet as I spend my rare moments on the phone.  This is where my love of technology & text messages come in.

5) I cannot handle disorganization or clutter.  I will never ever be okay with a messy, cluttered house.  I've been told many times to just relax & worry about the mess later, but this will never happen & I've come to accept this.  I will never kick back when my house is in disarray.

These best buds don't stand still long enough for a non-blurry picture
 6) I'm nuts about laundry.  No, I do not enjoy doing laundry, nor would I be sad if someone did it for me every day of my life.  What I mean is that I can't handle knowing I have anything more than a load or two waiting for me.  I'm in awe of people who allow themselves to do laundry once or twice a week.  This would give me eye twitches & keep me up at night.

7) I love sleep but also see it as a waste of time.  Ideally I would never sleep less than eight hours per night & I function very poorly on little sleep.  With this being said, I also hate naps & sleeping late.  I consider both a massive waste of the day & I can't do it since I always feel like I'm missing out on something.

So, these are the few of many, many things that bug me.  I could write a book about my pet peeves, but I won't subject anyone to that!  Anyway, I hope all of you mothers, caregivers, pet owners, teachers & nurturers had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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  1. HAHA i learned a bit about you, but most of this I already knew! would you believe that I feel the same way about massages? I would NEVER get one, and I mean NEVER! I think it's so odd and strange and just a big no thank you!! You can come over and do my laundry anytime, but I am with you - if the kids laundry baskets have anything in them, I have to do it. I like them empty. I think we are both weird.

    1. It's good to know I'm not the only freak! I told a coworker & she looked at me like I had five heads. Well, Mike insists that I go & says he thinks I'm going to love it, so I'll report back when I bite the bullet & let a stranger caress my naked skin...