Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sick little puppy

I noticed that Cam seemed to be coming down with a bit of a cold last week, but I kept my fingers crossed that it wouldn't turn into anything big.  Saturday morning, the cold won & Cam's immune system lost when he woke up with a nearly 103 degree fever.

 The poor bugger had a fever from Saturday through yesterday.  That means we had to flip coins & figure out who was staying home with the sickie Monday & Tuesday.  Working full-time & having a sick kid just straight up sucks.  I'm worried about my child, but unfortunately, also the extra work I'm socking my now short-handed co-workers with.  But, my kids come first, so I was happy to nurse my little boy back to help Monday while Mike nursed him yesterday.

After his three night hospitalization in August & his lip debacle in March, my poor boy just can't catch a break.  So, he's been missing a lot of school & we've been missing a lot of work.

While Cam's been home trying to get better, Reese has been home from daycare sleeping in...

Running around the yard naked, enjoying the gardenia blooms...

Running around in her pajamas, enjoying the gardenia blooms... 

And wishing she had a pool, just like Mommy, while sitting naked in her water table (unlike Mommy!) as a substitute!  I'm praying she dodges the sickness bullet!!

We usually try to ride out sicknesses, assuming they're a virus since I hate unnecessary antibiotics.  But, after the fourth morning with a fever, it was time to head to the doctor!  He was diagnosed with bronchitis, given & antibiotic & a nebulizer for breathing treatments.

Cam is home with me today since I'm off work Wednesdays anyway & it was the first day he's woken up without a fever, horray!  He's currently up in the loft with Reese & since they're fighting like cats & dogs as usual, I'd say that's a good sign.  My buggy will be going back to school tomorrow & I'm hoping we're done with sickness for a long time!

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