Sunday, April 26, 2015

Recent happenings

Well, April has proven to be an exceptionally busy month, filled with visits from out-of-town family & friends.  We had Mike's mom in town for a couple of weeks & then Mike's brother & his best friend came down for almost a week.  On top of that, we had my parents up with our niece for a night to see Cameron's baseball game; talk about a full house!

Speaking of baseball, here's a picture of my little slugger for this season... he's so darn cute!!

On the subject of things being cute, I don't think it gets much cuter than this little gal pal!  I took this on my Wednesday off last week.  I cherish my day a week off with this little love, just as I cherished it when it was spent with Cam before he started kindergarten.  It's hard to believe that he'll be finished with K in a little over a month!  We've done a lot of debating about summer care between his current school vs. his previous school where Reese still goes.  There's a very big price difference in his previous school being a lot more expensive, but it would be so much more convenient for Cameron to go where Reese is & save us an hour of driving between myself & Mike.  They would also provide lunch, so it would be saving me a step in the evening.  Those two factors aren't worth the price difference, but the fact that his previous school will continue education during the summer was our selling factor.  I don't want Cam's brain to turn to mush during the summer & I really want him to stay ahead of the game & be prepared for first grade.  He'll be starting first grade at a different, newly rebuilt school which just so happens to be about a half mile from our house vs. the thirty minute round trip drive Mike makes every morning with drop off.  Yay for extra time!

During my blogging hiatus this month, we celebrated both Mike's 36th birthday & the kitty's golden, 13th birthday on the 13th.

These brothers got wild & crazy with some catnip on their birthday, woo hoo!

I also took the time this month to spruce up our drab, dirty, depressing garage door!

It's so much more cheerful to come home to this bright turquoise door & it was a project that cost under $20 & took less than two hours.

I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to paint the inside of the door as well.  Since I didn't tell Mike I was doing this little project, I wasn't sure how he'd react to a door in our house being turquoise, but he was just fine with it.  It's a good thing too because I wasn't going to repaint it anyway! ;o)  I love painting because it's relatively inexpensive & easy though makes such a difference.  I'm huge on aesthetics; if something looks ugly, it drives me bonkers!

I've otherwise been consumed with finishing my 75 continuing education hours for my five year dietitian registration which is up at the end of May.  Nothing like leaving it for the last minute!  I've banged out a ton of hours today, so I'm pretty much good to go with a month to spare... not too terrible.  

So that's what's going on around here these days.  Too much to do with too little time, story of everyone's life!!

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