Monday, June 15, 2015

A vacation & a wedding

We had a wonderful time last week, celebrating my BFF Lauren at her beach wedding getaway.  Going to a gorgeous beach for a whole week was so amazing & I'm very thankful that we were able to get away with an awesome group of friends!

Look at the happy faces of these beach bunnies enjoying themselves!

Leah & Sammy

Tay & Reese
We headed up to Destin which is on the Florida panhandle & about six hours from where we are in Tampa.  Even though it's the same body of water from where we live (the Gulf of Mexico), it was completely different!  The color was much more Caribbean like, the waves were a heck of a lot rougher than our Gulf coast & the sand was softer with a lot less seashells. 

We rented a condo with our other BFFs, Matt & Kelly & since they just so happen to have two kids the same age as ours, all were happy!  Our kids have known each other since day one, so we consider them family vs. friends.

We had a lot of fresh fish & gorgeous views!

The guys even went on a fishing excursion & caught a boat load of red snapper... we enjoyed it for dinner later that evening!

Lauren & Reese

Monday was Lauren & Marc's wedding day!!!

Lauren (and Tay!) looked absolutely amazing!

So happy for the Smith family!!!

It's not very often that the Pernecky family cleans up & looks presentable for a fancy occasion so it was a treat to head to the reception on a gorgeous dinner cruise.

Pretty soon this boy will be taller than me!

Ever since my friend Lesli posted pictures of her vacation to Seaside, Florida, I've been dying to go & I finally got to check it out last Tuesday!

It was such an adorably quaint beach town full of shops, food stops & picturesque cottages.

Fun fact, the Truman Show (Jim Carey movie) was filmed in Seaside... here's a picture of the Truman house!


It really doesn't get much cuter than this town.  I have to say though, with a quaint seaside town comes big prices!  I was sticker shocked by each gift store we browsed around!

The adults & children alike had an amazing vacation celebrating friends & new families!  It's always good to get home, but I have to say, work could have waited... no matter how much time I have off, I'm NEVER ready to get back to it!  But as Dr. Suess says, Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!

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  1. Looks like much fun!!!
    Congrats to Lauren and her new family!
    That's very interesting about the beach being so different, I had no idea!
    Did you eat at the harbor in Destin?

    1. We only ate at restaurants a couple of times in Destin.. we hit up Pompano Joe's & The Back Porch... both yummy!