Monday, September 8, 2014

Sick of sickness

Since Cam's three night hospitalization, we've all been dealt with the stomach bug on two separate weekends, so we've been dealing with sickness for nearly a month now!  Last weekend we were driving home from our friend's house when Reese complained that her teeth hurt.  Turns out, she didn't know how to describe nausea & seconds later it was a scene from the Exorcist in my back seat.  Good times, good times.  Days later Cam woke us up at midnight saying he "puked."  I was up from midnight till 4am cleaning & taking care of the sickling & then worked the following day.  On top of it, the poor bugger has missed two more days of school because of the stomach bug = 6 days out of a few weeks of school = not good.  Thankfully this is just kindergarten! 

Amidst the sickness, Mike has been like a five year-old on Christmas morning, getting all jacked up for the start of the NFL season!

We kicked off the Bears game (which sadly ended up being a loser) with Jeff Mauro's Chicago Italian beef.  

 I've made this many, many times & it is always a complete hit.  It's positively delish, there's nothing more to say about it.  Click here for the recipe & I can guarantee that unless you're a vegetarian or vegan, you will not be sorry!

After 14+ weeks, I finally got my trailer park looking highlights done, so that's another plus!  Gone are the highlights since I don't have the time or money to maintain them as I should, so I decided on peek-a-boo highlights.  You can't really see the blond streaks in the picture of me above, but they're there.

This picture above was my inspiration since I love contrast but not the grow-out that comes with it.

Ever since Cam's hospitalization, he adores playing board games.  We recently bought Trouble to add to our collection.

Thankfully Cam's bus is finally on a good schedule with drop-off!  We were told the first couple of weeks had a lot of delays & they weren't lying!  Reese & I would have a good half hour to kill each day so we'd just walk up & down the street in the 95 degree heat, waiting for the bus to show.

Speaking of Reese, she's finally out of her crib & into her big girl bed!  Cam was converted a lot earlier as a baby since he was jumping overboard, but she never tried climbing out (except for the time we were in the hospital & my mom was watching her).  But now that she's potty trained, she needs to be able to use the bathroom at night. 

Last but not least, we're scheduled to leave on a four-night cruise next Monday!  Last year we sat in on sale's pitch spiel & ended up getting a deeply discounted cruise for only $450 for the two of us, food included.  Well, the trip has completely snuck up on us & with the kids being sick recently, I have to say that the idea of getting on a ship headed towards Cozumel & Grand Cayman terrifies instead of excites me.  We're rarely without our kids & don't often have date nights, so I know it will be good to get away, but I know I'll miss the kids so very much & worry about them.  My mom is coming up to stay at our house so I know they'll be in good hands, I just hope I don't have a panic attack before the boat departs.. I could cry just thinking about leaving them.  I never thought I'd be like this as a mom, but here I am having major separation anxiety from my chillins!  

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