Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Goodbye 5, hello 6!!!

My Cameron turned 6 years old today!!  Happy birthday, Cameron!  Everyday spent with my guy is special to me; he is such an amazing person & I'm beyond proud to be his mommy!  So loving, caring, compassionate, giving & selfless!

I told him yesterday that he'll never be a five year old ever again so we had to capture some last minute pictures of a five year-old version of Cam.  Of course, Reese had to get in on the action!

After Cam went to bed, we hit the ground running & decorated our butts off so he'd have an exciting way to wake up on his big day!

Reese & I got a head start before Cameron got home from school yesterday.

I had to hide the balloons in the guest bedroom shower so Reese didn't spill the beans to Cameron!

So, what is the six year-old version of Cam like?  He adores video games of any kind but is into Sonic & Pac-Man these days, loves Spongebob more than any other cartoon, hates sleep & would stay up till midnight & wake up at 5am if we let him, fights homework many evenings but has learned SO MUCH thus far in kindergarten.  Cameron is super affectionate & loves to cuddle with me or Mike whenever possible.  He's tough as nails when it comes to physical pain, not so much emotional pain.  He's a lover & expresses his love of his family very often which is the sweetest.  He's such a unique kid & I'd never change a thing about him!

Cameron noticed this Spongebob balloon at the grocery store over the weekend & loved it so much.  We didn't buy it then & he kept telling me, "I just can't get that balloon out of my head!"

Lets just say that the balloons were a mega hit this morning!!

I'm so lucky that Cam's birthday fell on a Wednesday so I was able to head up to the school with Reese for a little outdoor lunch date & share cupcakes with his adorable classmates!  Tonight we'll be enjoying Pioneer Woman's cinnamon toast & "Dr Seuss eggs" which is just pureed spinach with eggs that are scrambled.  Huge hit for Cam & little does he know it's packed with spinach.  He'll be getting off the bus in a half hour so we'll begin the cake decorating & let the celebrations continue!  Happy birthday to my love!

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