Monday, September 1, 2014

Party like it's 1955!

I've always been fascinated with the 1950s & the simplicity of that era & I sometimes daydream about what it would look like to raise a family during that time.  Of course, my first image is June Cleaver with her perfectly coiffed hair, dress with heels & all, with dinner always waiting on the table when hubby came home from a hard day at work.

Ward Cleaver never came home to a flustered wife, wearing over-sized sweat pants, un-showered hair, thrown into a disheveled pony.

She was never complaining about how rotten the kids had been, constantly fighting since they were always well behaved, no video games to divert their attention or TV sucking out their brains.  With my 1950s daydreaming, I wanted to find some vintage recipes & see what people back then actually served working hubby for dinner & had to laugh at some of the recipes!!

I am totally making this lime seafood salad for Mike's next birthday dinner.  I mean, who could resist a lime jello ring incorporated with cottage cheese, mayo & onion, filled with seafood salad?  What a showstopper!


I thought bananas wrapped in ham, topped with hollandaise sauce would be the perfect accompaniment, don't you?

And in keeping with the banana theme, the table would have to have a banana candle centerpiece to add just the right touch.

Since our friends also like to celebrate Mike's birthday, I'd host a get together that weekend & serve "Perfection Salad" which is always a hit with the gang.  Click here for the recipe, you won't want to pass by this gem.


I'm getting ahead of myself here, because I like to first ease guests into dinner with a cocktail & some appetizers.  No party is complete without the liver sausage pineapple.  Again, you cannot beat the presentation.  You'll thank me when hosting your next party.  Click here for the recipe.  They can wash down this delight while spooning sipping my jellied tomato refresher

Okay, now we've moved onto the main entree, my famous frosted ribbon loaf with the creamy cream cheese frosting encasing ham & egg filling.. mmmm.  Click here for the recipe.  You're welcome.

Although, I'd also consider this other staple of mine, the super supper salad loaf.  Who can resist a hollowed out hunk of bologna filled with a gelatinous mixture of mashed peas, onion & mayo?  Not my friends!  Anyway, hope you're all having a fabulous Labor Day weekend!  Keep in mind, you still have time to scurry to the market, whip up one of these beauties & host an impromptu get together that is sure to please!  Enjoy!

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  1. Those recipes sound like winners. Mike's a lucky guy to come home to those homemade delights.

    1. Jaysa, if you're a good wife, you'll also have these waiting on the table for Mike after a hectic work day!!