Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recent happenings

We continue to get into the groove with the new school year which I'm thankful for.  We headed up to Cameron's open house at school last week & now we have a monthly homework schedule which is super helpful.  When I know we're going to have some busy evenings, we can work ahead to cover them.

As soon as we get home from the bus stop, Cameron heads to the play room where I have his snack ready & we hit the homework to get it out of the way.  Twenty minutes is pretty typical plus we read for another 15-20 minutes at bedtime so in total, he has about 40 minutes of homework each night.  That seems like a lot for kindergarten!  I mentioned in this post that I picked up a basket at the dollar store to use as a homework caddy.  It's come in very handy & I love having everything we need in one basket.  We keep a notebook, pen, pencil, colored pencils, markers, erasers, his homework binder & a folder for any papers we need to reference from school.


Any papers worth saving, go into this file folder bin sectioned by grade that I store on our laundry room shelf.


I'm going to make a yearly tradition of filling out an "all about me" sheet paired with picture to go at the front of each file folder.

Using another basket, I also put together a lunch caddy with anything I would need for sandwiches; turkey, cheese, mayo, cream cheese, mustard as well as some other sides I might throw in like cheese sticks or Greek yogurt tubes.  Anything to save me time in our frantic weekdays is fine by me!


I pack Cam's lunch most days to save money, but he does have an account that is automatically replenished when he hits a certain amount.  He thinks the food is free since all he needs to do is swipe his ID card, but I keep explaining otherwise.  Yesterday I noticed he barely ate & then I caught him red handed with a push pop ice cream he forgot to throw away!!  He smiled & said, I buy one everyday!  I hopped on the website & sure enough, there was a daily purchase for his $.75 ice cream!  I'm going to crack down & only allow him to buy them on Fridays.

I used to lay their clothes out for the week inside our coffee table, but now that they're getting bigger, hence, their clothes getting bigger, I just use the coffee table for undies, socks & PJs.

We have a nice, big storage closet off our family room so Mike installed a shelf & I picked up this hanging organizer from Target.  Every Sunday, I lay out clothes for the week.  Again, one less thing for me to worry about on hectic evenings.


Despite me putting clothes out for Mike to dress the kids, this is what Reese looked like when I picked her up from daycare Tuesday!!!  I could not believe my eyes when I saw her belly hanging out of this skin-tight tank.  Yes, I did lay it out, but I had no idea this 4T hand-me-down didn't fit!  Men.

As I was heading to take the picture of the closet, I heard wimpering coming through the closed door & here I find Reese trying to hold up her old, falling highchair.  We're stashing boxes of out-grown baby gear & toys to hand down to our friend.  I swept through all the toy bins to weed out old toys to make room for the new that are bound to come with their birthdays & Christmas just around the corner.

Speaking of birthdays, Cam's is less than two weeks away!!  I can't believe he's almost 6!

Next to our pantry, we installed an adorable, turquoise bottle opener I picked up from Etsy.  Since we host football games most Sundays, it gets put to good use with all the beer going down!

St Petersburg Beach

 In my last post, I mentioned that we were scheduled to go on a five day cruise without the kids.  Well, after a sit down, I found out that Mike was also very hesitant to be unavailable on our days at sea after the kids have been sick.  Despite the fact that Carnival won't refund us or give us a voucher for another trip, we've decided we're not going.  But, since my boss covered my shift Monday, I'm not able to work so we're going to head to St. Pete Beach for two nights instead.  This way we're only an hour away & can call & check in whenever we want.  Mike went onto Priceline & got or room for only $45 per night at the Post Card Inn which looks adorable!

The evenings are beginning to be a little less humid & hot, so I'm really looking forward to a couple of days at the beach to relax!

But before the relaxation can begin, I'm putting Mike to work on pressure washing our disgusting patio!  With the horrific summer humidity, the patio gets all green & nasty every year.  Love me a productive Saturday!!

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