Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All my exes live in Texas

Actually, the title of this post is not at all true since I've never been to Texas other than a layover & I have literally no exes.  Anyway, last week we headed off to Dallas for one of our best friend's wedding & made it into a long weekend/mini vacay.  We haven't been on a date by ourselves in seven months so we were long overdue!

We were thrilled for Jonesy & so grateful that we were able to meet his wife Tracey & be there on their special day.

We hit the streets of Dallas Sunday morning & walked all day long, seeing as much as we possibly could.  We started off at the JFK memorial & then headed to the site of his assassination.

I didn't expect to get all emotional, but seeing the exact spot where he was killed was very moving.  I had goosebumps up my arms as I stood looking at the X marked on the street where he was hit as his car drove through.

There were men hosting a talk about the conspiracy theories about the second shooter & we even heard from a man who was there as a twelve year-old when it actually happened.  Interesting stuff.

The city had a lot of beautiful architecture so there was a lot to see.

This is the Thanksgiving Chapel which is a very small, circular room with a spiraled ceiling, lined with stained glass.  I had to lay on the floor to get this shot but it was worth it.  We nearly missed seeing it, since it closed less than ten minutes after we arrived.

I was so thankful that my parents came up to watch the kiddos & bring the cousins so the kids were sure to be entertained.  When they greeted us at the airport gate, Reese was so excited that she was literally trembling & squeezing the life out of me.  She had to be touching me at all times on the car ride home which was pretty precious.  As much as I missed them, it was a much needed break.

But it's full steam ahead & back to business as we prepare Cam for kindergarten which starts in a week and a half!!

He spent the past two mornings in kindergarten camp, getting to know the school, schedule & meet new kids.  He was a little nervous this morning & cried a bit as I had to leave... it was pretty sad, but he'll get used to it.

I got all of his school supply shopping done & he picked his backpack today, so it's becoming very real.  Sniff, sniff.  My little boy is growing up so quickly!

I'll end with this picture of Reese... as we were getting ready for bed last night, she dragged a stool over to me, sat down & asked me to take a picture of her as she held this pose.  I have no idea where she got this from, but it definitely cracked me up!  Never a dull moment!

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  1. LOL that pose! It looks like someone just broke her heart!

    1. It was quite dramatic & I definitely see a future for her in the drama club!