Monday, August 11, 2014

Breakfasts & snacks on-the-go

In the theme of getting Cameron (and myself!) ready for kindergarten, I've been looking for some breakfast muffins to make & freeze for lunch box supplements or on-the-go breakfasts on extra rushed mornings.

Photo courtesy of Running with Spoons

This recipe for banana oat Greek yogurt muffins looked not only easy but also super healthy.  I whipped up the batter in five minutes flat & used my mini muffin pan for popable snacking.  No oil or flour in this recipe but they turned out so light & fluffy.  Click here for the recipe.  If you use a mini muffin tin like me, bake fore 10-12 minutes vs. 15-20.

Photo courtesy of Weelicious

Next I made ham & cheddar muffins for a savory vs. sweet snack or breakfast.  Again, I used my mini muffin tin to have a more supplemental portion vs. a full meal.  Click here for the recipe.

I had an amazing assistant helping me so it made things as speedy as ever!  Don't mind my child's hair.. she looks homeless, but who's judging?  It was Saturday morning which means lazy & relaxed!

Once the muffins cooled, I bagged them in gallon sized Ziplocks & popped them into the freezer.

I figure I can pop them into the microwave for breakfast or throw them into a sandwich bag to thaw in Cam's lunch box.

Photo courtesy of All

I also whipped up a batch of the classic Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough.  It makes a ton, so I split the dough in half onto sheets of parchment paper, roll into a log, pop into a Ziplock gallon size bag & freeze.  When we have friends over or the kids want an after-dinner treat, I slice off a few pieces & bake as usual.  Click here for the recipe; you cannot go wrong with it!

Eat & enjoy!

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  1. well aren't you just on top of things!!!
    love freezer baking.
    also she looks so much like your mom here!!!

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  3. Those look good. I have done freezer muffins a few times, but I always forgot to grab them and Ben doesn't like muffins, cookies, etc. Liv has no such qualms, so maybe I'll make them for her when she's a little older. What is it about toddler girls and their hair that makes them look crazy? Liv has the same problem. Combing makes no difference.

  4. Reese also seems to be in a princess dress in every post! So cute. Liv has no clue/interest yet. Ben is the more excited about princesses of the two. What age did Reese start getting into that stuff?

    1. Reese got into princesses right around age two; she's seriously obsessed, it's nuts!