Monday, August 18, 2014

Kindergarten ROCKS!

Phew, let me start by saying that this has been a very emotionally draining day!  Cam started kindergarten today!!!!

When I was a kid, I was always in a tizzy before school started, no matter what grade it was, I'd have such anxiety with stomach pains & all.  Fast forward to adulthood & I'm reliving those same feelings but this time I'm not the student!  Cam was as cool as a cucumber though & I'm incredibly proud!

Ask anyone who knows me & they'll confirm that I'm an emotional basket case person!  Needless to say, I shed plenty of tears in the days leading up to today.  We read The Night Before Kindergarten before bed last night...

And started the morning with Cam's absolute favorite breakfast (or lunch or dinner) of pumpkin pancakes.

Both Mike & I started late at work today so we could get Cam onto the bus.  He'll only ride the bus to school on Wednesdays since I'm home & Mike will take him to before school care every other day.  He'll take the bus home every day, but we wanted him to get used to riding there on his first day.  My stomach was in knots as we waited for the bus!!

Seeing my baby board the bus was very emotional & I had to do everything to hold in the tears as to not embarrass myself (or Cam!) in front of the other parents.  Imagining him getting on a bus where he doesn't know a soul & riding to a new school for the first time was nearly too much to handle!!  Unfortunately we ended the evening in the after hours doctor's office, but fortunately, it turned out to be nothing serious!  Cam mentioned his face hurting this morning & I noticed he was all swollen by his jaw/face/under his ear.  He was super energetic so we sent him along today, but when it was even more swollen & painful after school, I decided to take him in.  The doctor thinks it's a blocked salivary gland that will just (hopefully) heal on it's own!  Phew, thank goodness for that.  We're all exhausted after the long, emotional day, but I am so incredibly proud of my brave boy for rocking his first day of K!

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  1. Glad it went well, well other than the gland thingy! I can't imagine the bus thing too...he sure looked more than happy to go though! I did think his face looked a bit different, and thought maybe it was just his haircut, glad it's nothing serious but ouch, sounds painful. On a side note, did you up your contrast or did he truly have the cutest reddest lips ever?!?

    1. I do edit my pictures, but Cameron truly does have super red lips that we're always commenting on!

  2. Our babies are growing up too fast. Glad it went well! Your chalkboard looks awesome. How do you get it to look so good? Are you using chalk pens or regular chalk? I use chalk pens but then it leaves the marks behind (even though I conditioned it). Do tell your tricks! My coworker had an infected saliva glad and the doctor told her to eat lots of sour stuff to keep the saliva producing, which would clear it up faster. So if Cam likes sour candy, go for it! :-)

    1. Jaysa, that's actually not chalk at all on the picture.. I cheated using fonts in Pic Monkey which is the photo editor I use. Super user friendly & cheap. It can be free, but I upgraded to the $5 a month package that allows you to use all functions.