Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Naturally clean oven BIG FAT FAIL!

This morning I woke to a very stormy, gloomy day which is my favorite when I know I can stay in my pajamas all day & not leave the house.

I had an early start, so I decided to clean my disgustingly dirty, greasy oven.  I pretty much use all natural cleaners that I quickly whip up for use around the house.  Click here to see some of my most used products.  They're inexpensive, quick, smell yummy & are safe around the kids & pets.  I typically use a harsh, chemically, stinky oven cleaner on the rare occasion I actually take the time to clean my oven, but I wanted to find something natural since chemicals & food never seem to be a smart mix.  I checked out a few sites online, whipped up a mixture & got going.

I mixed the juice of the lime with about 4 drops of Dawn, 1/4 cup of baking soda & 1/4 cup of vinegar.

Slowly add the vinegar or you'll have an eruption going on.

Mix & spread all over your disgustingly dirty, greasy oven!

I let it sit for a couple of hours & wiped it clean with a wet rag.  As you can see, it cleaned the bottom of my oven fairly well.

The door would not get clean no matter how many methods I tried & how much elbow grease I put in.  This picture was taken after multiple other failed attempts.

I sprinkled Dawn, & baking soda all over the door & drizzled on enough vinegar to make a paste.  After allowing that to sit there for 20 minutes, it still did little to nothing. Then I made a thick paste with just water & baking soda, scrubbed that on, waited 20 minutes, scrubbed it off & then sprayed it with vinegar & waited another 15 minutes.  Nothing.  What a waste of time!  Before I got out & resort to the chemical oven cleaner, does anyone else have any other suggestions that actually work?

I was frustrated that the oven didn't get clean, but at least I was able to spend a cozy day in with these little loves!

This saucy little minx sure has a lot to say!

I'm soaking up my time with Cam this summer since he starts kindergarten in a little over a month.  Cannot believe my boy will be going to school full-time!

My two loves had a little lunch date of PB&J & turkey sandwiches.  Dempsey was hoping for a little schnagel!

Our little Puggy has gotten to be quite the chicken during storms & can now be found hiding behind the couch during our daily summer thunderstorm!  Hope you're all having a happy Wednesday!

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  1. At least you tried. And even though maybe it doesn't look totally clean, it still is clean. And I guess that is what matters most. Though I'm with you. If I'm going to spend that much time and effort, I want tangible results. Looks like a fun day otherwise!

  2. HAHA i can't recall the last time I cleaned my oven, so the fact that you spent so much time deserves a medal.

  3. This is a task that I must attempt very soon as my oven is such a mess and I have family coming over next weekend. I will certainly use your suggestions regarding the baking soda!

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