Friday, July 11, 2014

A day in the life

Every so often, I like to do a post about a day in the life so I can look back & see what things looked like at different stages of my life.  I work four days a week & take Wednesdays off to spend with the kids & organize the house so our weekends can be more laid back.  I'll run through a typical work day since Wednesdays home can be very uneventful, so much so that we sometimes don't even get out of our pajamas!

4:30am: Alarm goes off & I want to throw it through the window & cry because I'm so darn tired.

4:50am: Drag myself out of bed & vow to go to bed earlier that night which never happens.

5am: Pour my coffee & get my lunch bag thrown together.

5:10am: Head out the door for the gym.

5:35am: Workout.

6:20am: Hit the gym showers & get ready for work.

7am: Clock into work, print reports & screen patients for nutritional risk.

8am: Drink a protein shake at my desk while I work.

9am:  Head up to round on patients.

10am: ICU rounds.

10:30am: Run downstairs & heat up my unsatisfying, frozen breakfast sandwich & take a 15 minute break. 

10:45am: Head back up to the floors to finish seeing patients & consulting with other staff members   as needed.

12:30 pm: Head back to my office & get ready for lunch.

1 pm:  Clock back in from my whopping 30 minute lunch break & chart my nutrition assessments.

3:30 pm:  Yes, it's time to clock-out!

3:45 pm:  Hit the grocery store if needed & pick up stuff for dinner.

4 pm: Swing over to get the kiddos at daycare.

4:30 pm: Get home & let the madness begin!  This is when I do ten million things in the matter of an hour & a half:  Make ten trips from the car to bring in the throng of groceries & things accumulated in the car, let the dogs out back, set the kids up with a snack & some TV & meet their seemingly never ending requests, do baths, set up the coffee for the next morning, start laundry, get my gym bag re-packed, make Cam's lunch if needed, set out clothes for the next day, tidy up the house & start dinner.

6 pm: Mike gets home & we sit down for dinner.

6:30-7:30 pm: Clean up dinner, let the kids watch some TV or play, get teeth brushed & begin the bedtime corralling.  Bedtime in our house is very hectic for me since I'm exhausted & impatient & the kids are very hyper & fighting my need to get them in bed so I can finally have a moment of downtime.

8 pm: Finally, finally the kids are in bed.  What's that I hear?  Oh, Reese is crying for a drink of water, Cam is getting out of bed to tell me he's not tired...

8:30 pm: The house is quiet at last!  Mike heads to the gym & I pour myself a glorious glass of wine & head to bead with my Kindle in tow.  Ahhh, finally time to relax.

9-9:30 pm:  Lights out!  Time to force myself to sleep so I can do it all again the next day!

Supper glamorous & exciting stuff, eh?!

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  1. You've definitely got it down to a science, but that doesn't sound easy!

  2. Wow, you get up way too early! It's a crazy life with kids, isn't it? Ironically, I wrote a day in the life post earlier this week too. It is scheduled to publish next week.

  3. I actually love hearing about the mundane parts of everyone's lives! Looking forward to reading your post, Jaysa!