Tuesday, June 3, 2014

He's all growns up

My baby boy graduated pre-K this past weekend & it was a very sweet & emotional day!  Prior to having kids I would have told you that you were crazy if you'd said I'd be crying at a pre-K graduation.  I mean, why even bother to have one?  Big deal, you napped & ate lunch & learned some letters.  Fast forward to me being a parent & I find that I'm super emotional over nearly every milestone!

Here's my boy on his first day of pre-K.


And here he is nine months later on his graduation day!  I'm a proud Mommy.

Reese was super psyched to go.

So psyched that she was ready to drive us herself!

Maddy was sweet enough to come up with my parents to watch Cam graduate & cheer him on.

Reese is Cameron's biggest fan!  They are so sweet together when they're not pushing each others buttons!

Cam's class has been practicing so hard & they did an absolutely amazing job.  Cam was front & center & just belted out the songs with hand gestures & all.

When he sang, You'll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins the tears definitely flowed.  He'd point at me when saying the you'll part & back to his heart on the end.  I could cry just remembering it!

Then it was time for graduation!  Here Cam is with his sweet, hard working & dedicated teachers, Ms Fran & Ms. Erica.

They posted a baby picture along side their graduation photo as they received their diplomas.  So stinkin cute.

Cam has come so far this year & I'm so proud of him & excited for him to start his journey through school as he starts kindergarten in the fall.  I'm sure I'll be a weepy mess on his first day as he takes the bus to school!!!  The good news is that he's now able to spend Wednesdays with me & Reese as summer vacation officially starts tomorrow!!!

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