Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The princess & the potty

Reese moved up to the next class at her daycare so she's offically in P2 which is the 2 1/2 year old room.  Normally I have a hard time when the kids transition to the next class, but this time I was totally ready since they focus more on potty training.  Not to mention, the teachers in this class are total dolls, so Reese was more than happy to move right along.  Once I found out she was moving up, we headed to Target & I let Reese pick out her undies.  She chose Frozen!  The teachers told me that's she's doing great & going on the potty each time they try, but they've been keeping her in pull-ups since she continues to wet those.  But she had still never peed on the potty at home!!

Until today, that is!!! Yay!!!  Who knew that going pee on the potty could be so darn exciting?!  She got her undies off herself, sat upon the potty & off she went.  I was so happy!

We celebrated by going to Chick-fil-a for lunch today.  This morning Cam said, I want to go to Chickaletta today.  Mike and I looked at each other like, huh?  After much description, we figured out that he meant Chick-fil-a.  Can you tell we don't get out much?!

We're ending the evening with Sleeping Beauty while sitting on the potty in a Princess Aurora dress.  Hey, even princesses go potty!

We're dining on some honey mustard pretzel chicken which looks pretty darn tasty!  Click here for the recipe.  Happy Wednesday!

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