Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trip to St. Augustine

A month or so ago my friend Kelly asked if we'd be able to take a birthday trip with them to St. Augustine & I immediately thought no.  Of course I wanted to, but when you're following the Dave Ramsey cash budget, you don't have dispensable money laying around.  When I finally accepted it wasn't possible, Lauren offered her aunt's house up for all of us to stay.  Suddenly my mom was free to watch the kids & we were on our way.  I picked up Wednesdays all last month & even worked overtime so we treated ourselves to an adult weekend away with no kids!

Touring around the fort

We saved money by carpooling with Lauren & Marc, eating breakfasts in, skipping lunch & sharing entrees at dinner.  All in all, it was a pretty affordable trip.  If you've never been to St. Augustine, it's absolutely beautiful & you should definitely go!  Lucky for us, it's only three hours away.

Flagler College

We had an absolute blast & every moment of the trip was awesome, I ended up laughing my butt off most of the weekend.  I've only been away from Cameron a handful of times & Reese about 3 nights in her life, so as much as it's nice to get away, I miss the kiddos so much too.  But, it's good for everyone to have a breather!  After Reese bolted up to me Sunday evening & showered me with hugs, she promptly reported, "I have poop, you need to change my diaper!"  And it was back to business.

Cheers to awesome friends!

On our pub crawl ghost tour

We had the best dinner EVER on Saturday night at Caps' on the Water!!  It was the best ambiance, amazing food, beautiful views & we even got to see a fireworks show over the water on our way out.

We ended our trip perfectly with lunch at an Irish pub looking over the water.  I was definitely not ready to leave & wished we had one more day, but all good things must come to an end!

Meehan's Irish pub

Unfortunately as good as the weekend was, yesterday was awful.  I got up early to hit the gym before work & felt a little nauseous.  Fast forward an hour & I was barfing, fast forward a few more hours & I full blown flu symptoms with aches, chills & all.  I was absolutely miserable, left work early & laid in bed ALL DAY LONG.  I'm so much better today & back to having Wednesdays off which I'm exceptionally thankful for.  Both kiddos will be spending the day with me & I look forward to a relaxing, low-key day at home!  Hope you're all having a great week!

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  1. I would like to go there ! Looks fun! You look so young and pretty. You don't age. I kind of hate you for that! :)
    Sorry you got sick, that sounds horrible.

    1. You would love it there, Lesli! Ha, you think I don't age, you're so funny! But every time I see your picture, I think you look gorgeous too!

  2. SO much fun!! Being butt sick, not so much :((