Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recent happenings

Things have calmed down around here now that my coworker is back from her medical leave, thank goodness!  It's been hard for me to transition back to normal pace since I was in ultra hyper drive the entire month of February... I'm finding I'm actually even a little bored lately!  Speaking of work, today is Registered Dietitian Day, so Happy RD day to all my fellow dietitian friends out there!  We have a lot of education & don't get a lot of recognition or pay for it, so here's to us being celebrated for the day! 

This is what I look like the majority of the week!  Since I'm off today, my work was nice enough to celebrate yesterday so I could be a part of it so we were treated to Starbucks & whatever we wanted for breakfast.

Daylight Saving Time has thrown us for a major loop as I'm sure it has others with small kids too.  "But, Mommy, it's light outside, we don't have to go to bed yet!!!!"  Um, yes you do, now get in your room & put a sock in it!  Ha.  But, we have been enjoying the extra hour in the evening, playing out back, feeding the ducks or just talking on the patio after the kids have gone to bed.

The weather has been spectacular so we're taking advantage of that too since it'll be a humid swampland in about a month or so.  YUCK.  Florida's summers are not my cup of tea!  But neither are Illinois' winters, so I guess I'm just impossible to please.  Perhaps I need to just move to San Diego where the average daily temp is 70.5 degrees.  Yes, please!

I put this pic of Reese picking flowers on Instagram & my friend Lesli commented that she's glad she isn't the only one that has kids running around in undies or without pants altogether.  Nope, my kids, especially when still in diapers & potty training, barely ever have pants on when we're home!  Who's got time for that nonsense?!  ;o)  We've been pretty lackadaisical about potty training with baby #2, just like we've been more laid back about most everything.  Oh, you want more fruit snacks?  You'll stay out of my hair for another five minutes?  Sure, have more fruit snacks!!  Ha, ha.  But, now we're starting to get more serious about potty training by putting her on the potty much more often & even breaking out the princess undies she got at Christmas.  I keep telling her, "don't pee on the princess!"  Unfortunately, Rapunzel was peed on last night, poor gal.

I took this picture Saturday morning after Cameron's first t-ball game which he positively adored!  We had him in soccer last year & he was not at all a fan, but with t-ball he was smiling ear to ear the entire game & we never had to push him out on the field since he happily ran out there himself.  After the game, I put this picture on FB & commented that my kids don't go more than four minutes without asking for something All. Day. Long.  It's the truth, the requests never end!  Being a parent surely takes a lot of patience & work, but I sure do love it!  Sometimes I wonder how stay-at-home moms do it all day, every day without losing it!

Since I barely blogged last month, I never put the pictures from our family weekend to Sarasota.

Cam is in seventh heaven when we're with his cousins & you can always find him with his partner in crime, Mikayla! 

And Maddy is always so sweet with Reese.  One time, they spent a few days together while the parents got a break & my mom overheard her tell Reese, "you can call me Mama!"  Ha, ha!

My gal pal is home with me today & we'll be picking her brother up after pre-K this afternoon.  I miss being able to keep Cam out of "school" whenever I want like I used to when he was just in daycare, but I'm glad to be having more one on one time with Reese.

I was talking with Mike this weekend about how much we love this age... she's still a baby but getting to be such a big girl & just says & does the cutest things.  The drama, tears & fits over the smallest things?  Not so much!

Anyway, hope you're all having a great week so far!!

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  1. Happy RD Day! I'm jealous of your weather -- it snowed again here today. Enough already.

    The kids are so cute and getting so big. We are the same way with Liv, way more laid back. Sometimes I feel guilty, but then I think less of my Type A tendencies is probably a good thing.

  2. Happy RD day, a little late! :) Miss you guys!

  3. Thanks, girls! Cheryl, I was just thinking about you today, we need to get together!